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Long distance running is an aerobic sport, meaning that it requires the processing and use of oxygen by the cardiovascular system.

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Q: Is long distance running an aerobic sport?
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Why is the aerobic endurance important?

Aerobic energy system is used for long durations sports such as a Football And Marathon Running As The Aerobic energy System is used for long distance sport activities and can only be active when oxygen is there.

Is lacrosse an aerobic or anaerobic sport?

Aerobic. Aerobic and Anaerobic aspects of the sport are very position specific. Midfield positions require long distance running and are primarily aerobic (approx. 70% aerobic), while defense and attack players focus mostly on agility and short bouts of sprints (70-75% anaerobic).

What sport does MoFarah?

Long distance running.

What sport is Kenya good at?

Long distance running.

What is Rogaining?

the sport of long distance cross country running

What was jedwards fav sport in school?

Running, especially long distance

Is squash aerobic or anerobic?

the game squash is an aerobic exercise because you are sprinting, and turning repetitively. an anerobic exercise is like long distance running.

Why a male footballer needs more energy?

footballers use the aerobic system for long distance running

Can you give me examples of aerobic excersice?

There are many types of aerobic exercises you can do. Examples are running, fast walking, swimming, biking, and any sport. As long as you get your heart to it's target heart rate it is considered aerobic.

Which sport is Kenya best at?

Kenya is best at long distance running, like track or cross country.

What skills are required for long distance running?

You need to have the ability to maintain a good supply of aerobic energy. (Good Stamina) You need to be able to have a good long stride that is energy saving. :)

I need some long-standing running shoes, from where ?

You can buy long distance running shoes from your local sport retail stores and department stores. You can also buy them online on and