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Yeah FC Livberpool is a good football team.

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โˆ™ 2019-12-18 06:57:06
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Q: Is Liverpool FC a good football team?
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Who is Liverpool FC?

Liverpool Football Club is a professional association football club based in Liverpool. Liverpool FC are the English team in the Barclays Premier League. The club was founded in 1892.

Most successful football team?

Liverpool FC

Who are the best football team ever?

Liverpool FC

What football team does eminem support?

Liverpool fc

Which English city football team is Gerrard in?

Liverpool FC

What English football team does Rihanna support?

Liverpool FC.

What football team does Russell howard support?

Liverpool fc

What are the biggest football rivalries in England?

in schools there can not be rivals but in English football Liverpool fc and Manchester united are the biggest rivals. Manchester united have won the league 19 times and Liverpool fc have won the league 18 times. also sinse Kenny dalglish the Liverpool fc legend came back, Manchester united are no where next to Liverpool fc. this season Liverpool fc beat Manchester uited 3-1. that can also prove Liverpool fc can be the greatest team in football history. back in them dalglish times Liverpool fc used to play Barcelona football.

Are Liverpool a football team?

Yes, Liverpool FC based at anfield stadium

Who Is The most successful football team in England?

I think Liverpool FC

What football team does Steven Gerrard Support?

liverpool fc from birth

What does Steven Gerrard play?

Football for Liverpool FC and the England national team

What English football team has won the most European trophies?

liverpool fc

What football team does Coleen Rooney support?

Liverpool FC ..She is a lady KOP :D

Is Chelsea fc a good football team?

Chelsea fc are the best football team in the world. "MON THE CHELSEA"

Who is better Liverpool FC or Peterborough FC?

Liverpool FC, because of the amount of trophies in the Liverpool FC trophy cabinet, and due to the fact that Liverpool FC are a Premier League team and Peterborough FC are a Championship team, Liverpool FC are a better team. However, this is partially because they have a bigger budget and higher profile than Peterborough FC, Liverpool FC being an internationally recognised team. But who knows, Peterborough have a lot of good players and may get to Premier League level yet! Also the fact that the infrastructure of the ground and the amount of new faces we are seeing at Peterborough. you can just think how their future may just look.

What football team does Prince Charles support?

liverpool fc

Which team win always?

fc Barcelona and ac milan are the best team and the next team is Liverpool also it is a good team

Is Liverpool fc rubbish at football?

No, they are the ONLY English team to win 5 champions league titles.

Who was his best football team?

Liverpool fc

Tulisa What football team do you support?

Liverpool fc

What football team does Micheal Mcintyre support?

liverpool fc

Who is the newest player on Liverpool football team?

As of the transfer window August 2011, Liverpool FC's newest purchases are Craig Bellamy and Charlie Adam.

Is Liverpool fc Irish?

Liverpool FC is an english team based in Merseyside, England.

What do you mean by Liverpool fc?

It stands for Liverpool football club.