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Q: Is lilttle Wayne wearing a bald cap?
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Is Frankie Beverly bald under that cap?

No he is not. Look for him on the red carpet, he is not wearing one

Is Noah Ringer wearing a bald cap in The Last Airbender?

Noah ringer is not wearing a bald cap in the last airbender movie if you go to and write aang for a day behind the scene of the last airbender.You will see that they actually shave his head.

What is a bald cap?

A bald cap is a wig-like cap simulating the appearance of a bald or partially-bald head, often used by actors or clowns.

Did Lily Winters on Young and the Restless really shave her head?

No she shaved off a wig and she was wearing a bald cap.

Did Nicki Minaj have a bald head?

No. She just was bald in her "Massive Attack" video. She had a bald cap on.

Is bittney sprears wearing a wig?

Britney is not wearing a wig. I think she either dyed her hair or its her natural color. She didn't even shave her head to begin with it was just a bald cap. It was just for the publicity.

Can you drive a car wearing a cap?

yes it is perfectly legal to drive a car wearing a cap as long as it is not obstructing your vision of the road. I dont know, "Can YOU drive wearing a cap"?.

Did Justin Bieber's hair fall off?

No its a bald cap

What causes a bald head?

cancer can cause it, you can just shave y our head, or you could wear a bald cap

Can you get bald while eating with a cap on?

What a person (usually males go bald) has nothing to do with what is worn on the head or other myths like: washing hair too much / too little; brushing hair too much / too little; or eating / not eating certain foods. Eating while wearing a cap is a new one, but still it's just a myth.

How do you get bald on woogi world?

go to the barbers (hairdressers) and there will be a selection of haircuts listed on the screen choose the once that says "bald cut" then someone will give you the haircut but it will automatically do it itself or go to the tailors shop and buy a bald cap then go to you wardrobe (cuboard) and choose to wear the bald cap

Who would you see wearing a forage cap?


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