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no he is not in the hall of fame

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โˆ™ 2010-03-09 18:56:04
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Q: Is leanardo Da Vinci in the hall of fame?
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What was the IQ of Leanardo Da Vinci?


What town was Leonardo da Vinci born in?

leanardo da vinci was born in vinci Italy, "DA" in Italian means from, so his name literally meant:"Leanardo from vinci". He spent most of his life in nearby Florence

Is leanardo da vinci gay?


Who invented the 3d cinema?

Leanardo da vinci

What was leanardo da Vinci first invenion?


What is Leonardo da Vinci's childhood?

Leanardo Da Vinci was born into a poor childhood. His father was named Messer Piero.

Who painted mona Lisa smile?

leanardo da vinci

What town was leanardo da vinci born in?


Place of birth of leanardo da vinci?

i do not know where he was born

Who were the inventors of the helicopter?

De great leanardo da vinci

How many wives did leanardo da vinci's father have?


Who was leanardo's father?

Piero da Vinci

Who were Michelangelo and leanardo da Vinci?

I'm not shure about the first person but Leanardo Da Vinci is a very famouse old Artist. (He lived hundreds of years ago) Hope this helped ?

Did leanardo da vinci have any family?

He did not marry or have any children.

What is leanardo Da Vinci's most important invention?

hang glider

Who do you take the notebook to on time tangled island?

leanardo da vinci

Who were Leanardo De Vinci's parents?

His father was Ser Piero d'Antonio da Vinci and his mother was Caterina.

When did leonnardo da Vinci die?

Leonardo Da Vinci died on 1452 May 2nd.

Was leanardo da vinci a loner?

Yes he was (no joke, he also really was gay)

Which painter also invented a type of helicopter and a parachute?

leanardo da vinci

What month was Leanardo Da Vinci born in?

He was born on April.

What is the duration of da Vinci's City Hall?

The duration of Da Vinci's City Hall is 2700.0 seconds.

What did Leonardo da vinci do to become famous or well known?

Leanardo da vince became famous simply because he was one of the best theatre writers he wrote heart pounding plays that gave him his fame to this day

What was Leonardo da Vinci's last name?

If you mean Da Vinchi, that was his last name. His first name was Leanardo.

When did da Vinci's City Hall end?

Da Vinci's City Hall ended on 2006-02-28.