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only is youre playing select Lacrosse, therefore it may be indoor at times.....if you play a regular season lacrosse, it is not all year round

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Q: Is lacrosse a sport you play all year round?
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Should women be allowe to play mens lacrosse?

No that is what Women's lacrosse is for as a 5 year lacrosse player I do not suggest women play men's lacrosse. it's called men's lacrosse for a reason. Women's lacrosse isn't for men neither should men's be for women. Lacrosse is an extremely dangerous sport women should play with women.

Is hockey a year round sport?

yes it is a round

Is lacrosse a fall sport?

With the growing popularity of lacrosse, it is possible to play virtually any time of the year thanks to indoor winter programs and summer leagues. Traditionally however, lacrosse season is the spring, and this is the time of year that high school and college programs compete

Is rugby an all year round sport?

winter sport

Is boxing a winter sport?

No - It's a year round sport!

Is soccer a year-round sport?

Yes it is because you can play it outside in the summer and inside (a dome) in winter.

Is golf a seasonal sport?

Yes, but some places always have nice weather, so you can play all year round.

Which sport is played year round in haiti?


Is gymnastics a summer sport or a winter sport?

you can do it all year round but it is classed as a summer sport in the olympics.

Do you play the sport bowling all year round?

Yes. It's indoors after all, so seasons don't mean much.

Which sport is played year-round in haiti?

dodge the earthquake

Why is lacrosse not an Olympic Game?

Not enough countries play lacrosse nor are there enough governing federations associated with the International Lacrosse Federation for the International Olympic Committee to consider adding lacrosse to its list of sports. The popularity of lacrosse is growing ... at the start of 2010 there were 36 countries that were members of the Internation Lacrosse Federation. 40 countries are needed in an international federation before the International Olympic Committee will consider the sport for the Games. And after getting the 40 countries it is a minimun seven year wait before the sport will be added to the Games by the IOC. The IOC will probably add lacrosse to its list of sports in this decade and, possibly, add lacrosse to the Olympics in the 2020s.

Is boxing a all year sport?

Yes, it is one of the only year round sports.

Is tennis a year round sport?

Yes, it is playyed throughout the year indoor and outdoo

How much do you get paid when you play lacrosse?

For MLL (Major League Lacrosse) you get paid about $13,000 a year but it is only a 3 month season.

Is basketball year round sport?

No, the season stops and then opens again.

What seasons do you play soccer in?

Highschool soccer is a fall sport. But club soccer is usually year round, also the premier league runs from august to june

What sport can a 4 year old play?

A four year old can play little lead soccer.

What would be a good lacrosse stick height for a 12 year old?

There are only 2 sizes of sticks in the sport of lacrosse, long poles and short poles. Long poles are generally used for defense and short sticks are generally used for offense. You will choose your stick length based on the position you play.

Is equestrain a winter sport?

Equestrian sports are a year round type of sport. however in some places it can be more of a seasonal thing.

What month do you play volleyball?

summer mostly but you can play it all year round

What sport does Ian Thorpe play last year?


Can a 19 year old play high school sport?


What is the fastest growing American sport?

Lacrosse is the fastest growing sport if judged by the number of NCAA athletes. NASCAR is the fastest growing sport if judged by the number of television viewers. Golf is the fastest growing sport if judged by the number of players taking up the sport each year.

Is soccer a fall sport?

Soccer can be an all year round sport if you do it at a very elite level but soccer is mostly played in the spring and fall.