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Well Yes .But When Mr. Mcmahon awakes from his coma because the boss may dumb vicky and kelly kelly would be back

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โˆ™ 2011-02-06 01:36:02
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Q: Is kelly kelly really fired from WWE?
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Is Kelly Kelly really fired?

No, Kelly Kelly is kayfabe fired. She is not really fired.

Did kelly kelly get fired from WWE smackdown?


Is Kelly Kelly rehired in the WWE?

She was never fired. She was kayfab (fake) fired.

Why did kelly kelly stop WWE?

she didn't really stop Vickie fired her and left her crying really she wouldn't stop wwe is the best im sure she will come back

Is Kelly Kelly realy fired?

No, Kelly Kelly is not really fired.

Is kelly kelly rehired at WWE?

She was never fired it was storyline

Has Kelly Kelly been fired from the WWE?

No, she has not. Her being fired by Vicki Guerrero was kayfabe (fake).

Is Kelly Kelly hired for the WWE?

Yes, Kelly was only fired as part of a storyline.

Is kelly kelly coming back to WWE in late 2011?

Kelly Kelly is back already. She was just fired 1 week.

Is john cena fired from WWE?

No, he is not fired he is wrestling again. Technically he was "fired" for a bit but that was a storyline just like dolph ziggler, kelly kelly, and Drew getting fired were all storylines as well.

When is kelly kelly going to tna?

Kelly Kelly is not going to tna she has not entered into any discussions with them because she is still employed by the wwe she was only kayfabe fired (fake fired so she could get a holiday)

Did Jeff Hardy really get fired for drugs?

Yes he did, wwe fired for drugs

Is kelly kelly leaving WWE?

She basically allready is,Vickie Guerrero fired her and she hasn't yet come back.

Did the boogeyman really got fired from WWE?


Is john cena really fired from the WWE?


Is kelly kelly really fired from smackdown?

I thinks she is! she should go to Tna

Did Kelly Kelly retire from the WWE?

No. She got fired by Vickie Guerrero after Elimination Chamber, but she was re-hired the next week :)

Is kelly kelly the hottest WWE diva?

Well, it's personal opinion, but technically she's no longer a Diva. She's been fired. She wasn't fired she asked for her release.

Does John Cena is really fired from WWE?

no he is not it is just a storyline.

What will john cena will do after getting fired from WWE?

He hasn't really been fired. It is just a storyline.

Is Eric Bishoff really fired?

Yes, Eric Bischoff really got fired from WWE for not giving anyone a title shot. He has now writing a book about the truth about WWE.

Is WWE diva kelly kelly in a movie?

No unless it's a really old movie

Did Eric Bishoff really get fired from the WWE?

Yes Eric Bischoff really got fired and he's writing a book about the truth of WWE. Yes but no his contract doesnt expire until 2007

Who likes Kelly Kelly?

kelly kelly from wwe is cool......................

Is kelly kelly a WWE diva?

Yes. Kelly Kelly is a WWE Diva