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Taekwondo is considered a form of karate and is the national sport of South Korea.

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Q: Is karate the national sport of any country?
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Which country is billiards the national sport?

Billiards is not the recognised national sport for any country.

Karate is the most popular sport in what country?

Japan is the birth nation of this ancient martial art Karate, which is one of the most popular sports in the world.

Rugby is the national game of which country?

Rugby is not the national sport of any country in law, but it is considered to be the national sport, 'de facto', of Wales and New Zealand.

Does karate cause any growth problems?

No, there are no more issue than with karate then any other sport.

What sport is Japan number 1 in the world in any sport?

The most common sports in Japan include association football and other ball sports. Some of the martial arts and Karate are also practiced by many people. There is no legally official sport of Japan, but the Japan Sumo Association describes sumo as the national sport of Japan, with baseball as the most popular spectator sport of the country.

Who was the man that developed Karate into a sport?

I don't think you can pin the blame on that to any one person. There are many styles that continue to stay away from the idea of competing in karate as a sport.

What is the national sport event of Sudan?

they don't have any

What is the national sport in China?

China doesn't have any national sport. However, table tennis or ping pong is a famous sport from the olden days of China.

Did the University of Oklahoma win a National Championship in any sport in 2010 and if so what sport?

The University of Oklahoma did not win any national championships in 2010. The last time a sport at the university won a national championship was the 2008 gymnastics team.

What country is Greensleeves the national anthem of?

Greensleeves is not the national anthem of any country.

What is the national interest of Ireland?

It would be hard to specify one single national interest. Like any country, Ireland has many things of national interest. Music, culture, sport (namely our national sports of Gaelic Football and Hurling), news and current affairs, weather, agriculture, history and so on. It would be much the same as any country.

What college in any division has won the most national championship in any sport?


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