Is jujitsu better than karate

Updated: 9/28/2023
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Depends on what you mean by "better." Better for what? Kempo or kenpo usually refers to stand-up fighting with rapid, crisp series of punches, kicks, and other strikes. Jujutsu (there are various spellings) includes throws, chokes, joint locks, and ground fighing. There is considerable overlap in styles, but basically it depends on what you're looking to accomplish.

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That depends entirely on the context as a form of self defence Ju jitsu is highly effective due to it's grappling nature. That's not to say tae kwondo isn't good but it's pretty difficult to round house kick someone in the head if their climbing all over you.

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Q: Is jujitsu better than karate
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Is shotokan karate and jujitsu karate related?

there are no such things as jujitsu karate

Was Barbara Eden a karate backbelt?

Her Black Belt is in Judo and she also studied Jujitsu and Karate.

Which is better wrestling or jujitsu?

i think wrestling is better but that is just my opinion. there is no fact which is better In my opinion, jujitsu is better because jujitsu involves more skill and redirecting of the foe's attacks, rather than just a head on attack with no skill involved, which is wrestling.

How much more lethal is jujitsu than regular karate?

It is not a matter of style. The key is the application of the techniques. It is more the individual practitioner than it is the style.

What is the combination of Jujitsu and Karate?

The Wado ryu Karate style mixes the two about 70:30 to karate but I'm not sure that is what your looking for. Are you looking for a specific style or anything that combines the two?

What kinds of martial arts are there?

Kung-Fu Jujitsu Akido Karate Wing Chun And lots more!

Which is better Karate or Judo?

None,judo and karate are two different things, each one has its advantages anddisadvantages.In judo you have to throw people to the ground. In Karate you can punch and kick.

What is a better self-defense activity boxing jujitsu or karate?

Keep in mind that boxing is a tough sport and that you will suffer a lot of blows to the face. Judo is an excellent option if you're searching for a more conventional martial art with a rigid theory and hierarchy. The gentler method of warfare is also less taxing on the body and the soul.

What are the Japanese self defence systems?

The Samurai were Japan's elite fighting forces, and they wore armor and had several specialized weapons. Sometimes, however, they might lose their weapons during the course of combat. For this reason they were highly proficient at the unarmed Japanese martial art of Jujitsu (Jujutsu). It is thought, however, that Jujitsu had it's roots in China and Tibet.

What is better ballet or karate?

ballet is way better way more skilled and advanced than karate if you are doing karate and not ballet then you are a full moron you have to be way more skilled to do ballet then you have to do to do karate and karate is just kicking radomly and punching radomly ballet is way more organized than that

Which is better jujitsu or Kung Fu?

This is a subjective question with no real answer.

How did Canada prepare its force for the war?

They did a lots of training. they learned karate, jujitsu, ninjutsu and sword training.....Just kidding