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No, he is not married to a WWE Diva. But he is dating WWE Diva, Melina.

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Q: Is john Morrison married to a WWE diva?
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Does Melina the WWE diva have a husband?

Melina and John Morrison are dating. She is not married.

What WWE divas are married?

WWE diva Melina Perez is married to WWE superstar John Morrison. WWE diva Michelle McCool is married to WWE superstar Undertaker. WWE boss daughter Stephenie McMahon married to WWE superstar Triple H. WWE former diva Candice Michelle is married. Melina and Morrison are not married, they are dating and currently live together, but are not married.

Who is john Morrison's girlfriend?

john Morrison is in a relationship with wwe diva Melina Perez

Who is WWE diva Melina is dating?

John Morrison

Is WWE diva Melina getting back with john Morrison?

John Morrison and Melina are now dating again.

Does john Morrison like anybody?

WWE Diva Melina. In and out of storyline they have been dating.

Did WWE superstar john Morrison get married?


Is WWE superstar john Morrison married?


Does johnny nitro have a girlfriend?

Johnny Nitro/John Morrison is currently in a relationship with WWE Diva Melina

Who is Melina Perez dating?

WWE Diva Melina Perez is dating John Morrison aka John Hennigan in real life.

Is Melina of the WWE married?

No she isn't. She is currently dating John Hennigan a.k.a John Morrison.

Do you have to be a WWE wrestler to date a WWE diva?

I dont think so because john cena married somebody that wasnt a diva but then they split up John married his high school sweetheart LIZ and they are still very much married and very happy together they have not split up

Does WWE diva Melina have a boyfriend?

Yes and his name is: John Hennig On screen he is the IC Champion: John Morrison

Is WWE john Morrison married?

no.....but, he's definitely not single BELIEVE ME!! and probably never will be.

In WWE which superstars are datin' each other?

Well when John Morrison was Johnny Nitro he was actually going out with Melina. Now Matt Hardy Is going out with Maria. " which i think is the hottest diva in the WWE!

Is wwe diva Melina married?


Is WWE diva layla married?


Who is Melina from the WWE dating?

No-one at the moment as far as i know.No-one at the moment as far as i know.Melina is dating John Morrsion.The Last I knew WWE Diva Melina was dating John Morrison Again.

Is WWE superstar roman reigns married?

Yes the WWE Superstar Roman Reigns is married but he is married to the former WWE Diva Lita

Who is WWE star the undertaker married to?

WWE Diva Michelle McCool

What Wrestler in WWE is stronger Edge or John Morrison?

john Morrison is better

Is WWE diva kelly kelly married?


Is WWE diva lita married?

No she isn't

Is WWE superstar john Morrison married to Melina?

No. Melina was Morrisons girl friend as part of a storyline in the WWE and now they are competing in singles matches

Is WWE diva marsey married?

No, she is currently dating WWE Superstar, Miz.