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Yes it is.

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Q: Is it true that the maximum handicap for men in golf is a 28?
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What do you do with a player who has a 40 handicap in golf and wants to play the quota game?

The maximum allowed handicap is 28 for men, and 36 for ladies, so they'd have to play off either of those.

What is the highest handicap ladies can have?

As per USGA rules it is only a maximum of 24. And for Ladies it is 36.

What is the average golf handicap for a beginner male golfer?

Most golfers can not legitimatly break 100. That said, of people who consider themselves 'golfers', I'd suggest the average to be around 18 or 20. If you can shoot in the 90's, you have nothing to be worried about, and you're probably in that range.

If you have a handicap of 36 and your scored 30 over would your handicap get cut?

You must be a lady golfer, as the maximum handicap for men is 28. But, it all depends on the competition scratch score. If the c.s.s was equal to par, your exact handicap would get cut by 6x0.4 = 2.4. So if you played off 36.0 you would get cut to 33.6 (34).

What is the mens average golf handicap?

According to the USGA, the average handicap of the American golfer is 16.1 for men and 29.2 for women. These numbers have remained largely the same over the last 15 years despite significant technology advances with equipment. Perhaps we will see a difference in the future by addressing the way the body moves in the golf swing. Susan Hill (

Is a handicap of 125 good?

For men the highest handicap is 28 and 36 for women. So 125 is terrible and not possible.

When was Florida Gators men's golf created?

Florida Gators men's golf was created in 1925.

What is the difference between pro golf scores for men and women?

There is very little difference between men's and women's golf scores, they both shoot considerable scores under par. The difference is that the women play holes from tee boxes that are a lot farther forward than the men, this isn't because they aren't as good, but it is because they do not hit the ball as far. The handicap systems are the same, for amateur golfers are the same for men and women, but as you know professional golfers don't have handicaps.

Do all men play golf?


Are there differences in golf for men and women?


What does golf stand for?

word Golf evolved (Like most words) from other languages. Why People perpetuate this nonsense still mystifies me! While it is true that in the early days of golf it was primarily a game played by men......The word golf derives from the Dutch kolf meaning stick, club or bat. Gentleman only ladies forbidden is an old urban legend.

Where is it possible to buy golf trousers?

Golf trousers can be bought from various men's clothing as well as golf stores. You can also buy high quality golf trousers from websites such as Amazon.