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I don't believe you have to be behind the line of scrimmage. This play is a holdover from Rugby where a player can attempt a drop goal at any time during play. A player, often during a full sprint, will drop the ball in front of him and as it touches the ground will kick it through the uprights for three points. Doug Flutie used this technique to score the extra point in the last play of his career. Jim McMahon, the noted Chicago Bears quarterback, used to challenge kickers to drop goal contests. Rumor has it that they soon learned that that was a good way to lose money. * As long as you're behind the line of scrimmage and the ball hits the ground before you kick it. New Answer: No the ball must be kicked from the groung Not in American football, no. All kicks must be taken from behind the line of scrimmage.

Drop kicks are still perfectly legal. They're just not attempted very often anymore, mostly because the shape of the football changed to accommodate forward passes. It used to be rounder like a rugby ball and give a more reliable bounce when it hit the ground.

Canadian football still allows a team to kick and recover from beyond the line of scrimmage. Any player from the kicking team can recover the ball, as long as he was level with or behind the kicker at the time of the kick. I suppose this rule would allow for a dropkick to be taken from anywhere on the field, but it's usually used at the end of tie games to punt deep and force the other team to give up a 1-point rouge.

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Q: Is it true that a player can try a drop-kick for a field goal at any time while the ball is live?
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Does a football player drop kick the football?

Yes, a punter does.ANSWERThey can but rarely do. A punt is not a dropkick. A dropkick involves letting the ball hit the ground and kicking it on the bounce.

Is a player out when hit by a batted ball while standing on 1st base?

NO. For the player to be out he would have to have stepped off the bag and then would be in the field of play and therefore interferred with the ball.

If a football that is punted goes through the goal posts is it a field goal?

no it's just a touchback No. A field goal can only be scored from a placekick or dropkick. The ball has to have made contact with the ground before it was kicked.

Are you allowed to kick the ball when it is on the ground?

If the ball is loose, such as after a fumble, a player cannot deliberately kick or bat the ball in an attempt to either gain possession or prevent the other team from recovering. Dropkicks, however, are legal. A dropkick happens when a player drops the ball in front of himself, as if he were preparing to punt, and kicks it after it bounces off the ground. Dropkicks used to be common in football, but they faded out of popularity once the ball became more pointed at the ends, to make it more aerodynamic for forward passes. The benefit of this play is that if the ball sails through the uprights from a dropkick, it counts as a score (either a field goal or an extra point, depending on the situation).

Can an offensive soccer player run up the field out of bounds?

It's legal for a player to run off the field if it happens in "the normal course of play," such as while trying to play a ball near the lines or retrieving the ball from out of play for a restart. If a player leaves the field without the referee's permission and not in the normal course of play, that player should be cautioned (yellow card).

What are the General Rules in Rugby League?

Knock On's (where you drop the ball in front of you), Offside (where your not behind the line or in front of a kicker) High tackle (tackling someone above their chest) Playing the ball after you get up from the floor Forward pass (when you pass, the player pass me behind you) Field goal (dropkick and the ball needs to be in between the two white sticks)

Goalkeepers dropkick distance?

Goalkeepers can only kick the ball into the other goal box.

Can a field player shield for the goalie?

Yes. As long as the field player is in possession range of the ball, the player can shield. However, if the player is not within possession range of the ball and tries to shield, he will be called for obstruction.

When a soccer ball is headed from one player to player two across the soccer field what is the projectile?

soccer ball

In soccer can a substitute player be given a foul?

A foul can only be committed by a player, against an opponent, on the field of play, and while the ball is in play. A substitute is not a player and cannot commit a foul.

What are 2 ways to advance the ball down the court in basketball?

A player can pass the ball to a player located further down the court or he can run while dribbling the ball. A player cannot move his feet while holding the ball.

Can a player yell ball ball ball while trapping an opponent in a basketball game?


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