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There used to be a ball called the Titleist Tour Balata, it was a very soft Golf ball, the core was a highly pressurized rubber ball with some oil in the center. This ball was last sold around 2000. The cores are now solid.

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Q: Is it true that a drop of caster oil is at the heart of a golf ball?
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What is stronger a golf ball or a brick?

Probably a golf ball, it is a lot denser. If you dropped a golf ball on a concrete floor it would bounce, if you drop a brick it will break.

When you drop a golf ball to the pavement it bounces up?

When a golf ball is dropped, it gains potential energy due to gravity. As it hits the pavement, this potential energy is converted into kinetic energy, causing the ball to bounce back up. The elasticity of the ball and the pavement determine how high it will bounce.

If your golf ball is on the cart path and a drop is allowed how many times can you drop the ball?

You drop it once, if it comes to rest on the path, you drop it again, on the second drop if it comes to rest on the path you place it where the ball touched the grass first on the second drop.

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How do you put penalty into a sentences?

If you drop the ball when you're playing golf in the water you get a penalty

In Golf.....Rule for ball in play?

you hit the ball towards the flag. But if it goes in a water hazard, you drop before the water.

Can you drop golf ball from semi rough to green when on a sprinkler head and not dropping nearer the hole?

It depends on the nearest point of relief. On the green you would place the ball, not drop it.

What will drop first a cannon ball or a golf ball?

They will drop at the same speed, the only way one could beat the other is if you were to increase the speed it travels by giving it an extra push..

When did you drop a golf ball over your shoulder?

Rule changed to dropping at arm's length in 1984.

How would you find the volume of a golf ball?

Put an exact amount of water in a measuring cup. Drop in a golf ball. The increase in water level equals the volume of the golf ball, assuming the ball doesn't float. For example, 200mL before ball. 280ml after ball dropped in. Therefore volume equals 40ml or 40 Cubic Centimeters.

Which ball will bounce first a bouncy ball or a golf ball?

A bouncy ball will bounce first because it is designed to have high elasticity and bounce easily upon impact. Golf balls are designed to have less bounce and tend to roll more on impact with the ground.

Which ball bounces higher golf ball or tennis ball?

A Golf Ball