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Oklahoma, Miami, Alabama, Ohio State, Michigan, Michigan State, Maryland and Florida are the only schools to accomplish this feat. Several other teams have come close only to lose the championship game.

UCLA has never won a baseball championship and USC has never won a Basketball championship.

AnswerI believe UCLA and possibly USC have won those three, among other sports. AnswerI know Holy Cross won a National Title in men's basketball in 1947. And they were a great school athletically back in the first half of the Twentieth Century. I'm not sure about this one, but seeing that I am going to Holy Cross, I wish it were true. Go Crusaders! AnswerThe Answer is NO.

Holy Cross won the NCAA Basketball Title in 1947. Holy Cross won the NCAA Baseball Title in the early 50's.

Holy Cross has never won a NCAA football title (at 1-A or 1-AA level). There was a period in the late 80's they were ranked #1 in 1-AA, but they were not allowed in the playoffs as their administration would not permitted them to play in the post-season (something called academics).

The only non 1-AA team win national title in College Football? University of Chicago, 1905.

Correction: The University of Miami (FL) has never won a basketball championship.

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Q: Is it true that Holy Cross is the only Division One team to win national championships in basketball baseball and football?
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At Football and Baseball, but not basketball! CORRECTION: Rice is Division I in all sports (Conference USA)

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