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nope, she is not or was not(:

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โˆ™ 2011-03-04 21:26:04
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Q: Is it true that Bristol Palin is in the WWE diva search?
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Why do Yanks call Bristol Palin fat?

Because they are ignorant and hate anything Palin. Unfortunate but true

What is the story of Sarah Palin's children's unusual names?

Bristol, Piper, Track, Willow and Trig. Sarah Palin was a dedicated runner, so Track, her older son, was born during that sport's season. Trig Paxon, his name is Norse for "strength" and "true", his middle name is one of his mother's favorite spots in Alaska. Bristol, was named after Bristol Bay where the family goes to fish. Palin has not explained the other girl's names but there is a town in Alaska called Willow and there is a Piper Super Club ( a brush plane popular in Alaska)

Is Bristol Palin a Native American?

No.Her father,Todd Palin,*claims* his mother is 1/4 Yu'pik,which would make him 1/8(if he's even telling the truth),anf Bristol 1/16,which even if the claim is true,is not a very high percentage.1/16 is only 6%,so I don't fell she could be called Native American.

What state did Sarah Palin grow up in?

Sarah Palin grew up in Skagway, Eagle River, and Wasilla. They are all in Alaska. Yep!! Sarah Palin is a true Alaskan!!

Bon Jovi Bristol 2008?

true at Ashton gate

What does Bristol Palin do for a living?

As is true in the U.S. when the family is famous and rich, she makes (big bucks) publicly speaking about "abstinence" and "self control" as a way to prevent pregnancy when at 16 years old she in fact became pregnant "out of wedlock" and is now a single mother. WHAT HYPOCRISY!

In the video diva beyonce is that really ciara?

maybe no true fact yet

Is there any Jewish ancestry in Palin's background?

No. Sarah Palin does not have any Jewish ancestory. A person is Jewish if: - their mother is Jewish or - they convert to Judaism Neither is true about Palin. Nor does she have any Jewish relatives further back up the family tree.

Is acting worth it?

If acting is a passion & something you love, then yes. There are a few very down-to-earth actors, who can keep it real, and not become a "Diva, or man diva" long as you stay true to who you are, then absolutely.

Is maria kanellis still a diva?

watch Celebrity Apprentice on Sunday nights! IDK if its true or not, but im having a feelin' if Donnald Trump's show says shes a Former Diva then she is... unfortunately :'(

Is it true that Sarah Palin attended 6 colleges in 6 years including 2 stints at University of Idaho?

Sarah Palin received a Bachelor of Science degree in communications-journalism from the University of Idaho in 1987.

Will Bridget Ramirez will be a new WWE Diva in year of 2024?

I think that wish will be true! because she is now a karatecian...

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