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No it's not. Its traveling when you switch your pivot foot or take more than 2 steps while drivving to the basket.

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Q: Is it traveling when the ball leaves your hand before you move your pivot foot?
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What does pivot mean in karate?

Pivot is to turn. You typically pivot on the ball of your foot.

A floor violation when the ball handler takes too many steps without dribbling is called?

traveling the point guard can't move his pivot foot until the ball bounces

Is it traveling when person throwing the basketball inbounds drops it?

It is impossible to travel when inbounding. While there are space restrictions for a throw-in, the thrower is not required to maintain a pivot foot or observe any of the other restrictions of the traveling rule.

If a player moves his pivot foot while in possession of the ball what violation is called?

A travel is called. You can move one foot while the ball is in your hands and you have not dribbled. Moving two will result in a travel.

Is it a traveling violation if a player with the ball starts to pass then loses control of it then catches it while keeping his pivot foot in place?

If you stopped dribbling the ball & trying to pass it & losses control of it (ball dropped from your hand & you picked it up again) its a double dribble violation even if your pivot foot didn't move. But if a ball is coming from a pass & accidentally drop the ball & u pass it then its not a violation!

A baseball player hits a foul ball straight up in the air it leaves the the bat with the speed of 120 km in absence of air resistance how fast will the ball be traveling when the catcher catches it?

The ball will be traveling at the same speed when it returns to Earth.

What is the name of the rule that's stops you from running with the ball in your hands in basketball?

That would be double-dribbling (having two hands on the ball at the same time following the establishment of your pivot foot, assuming that you have not just caught the ball and haven't moved yet).

How are ball and socket joint and pivot joints different?

The pivot joint only "folds & straightens" whereas a ball and socket can move in any direction AND twist.

How are the pivot joint and ball and socket joint different?

The pivot joint only "folds & straightens" whereas a ball and socket can move in any direction AND twist.

What is a tool with few or no moving parts?

ball and pivot

If you step before you dribble is it a travel?

Yes, this would be considered a travel because you first took a step (legal, has a pivot foot), picked up the ball (legal, has a pivot foot), did a jump stop (legal, but no more pivot foot) then jumped and landed back on the foor (this is a walk because you are assigning another pivot point for your body after you lost the original pivot point).Traveling in BasketballYes, it is considered a travel. You have taken three steps and it is a travel. If the ref saw it, you will be called on it and a turn-over will be called on you! A travel in basketball means you moved with out dribbling the ball. So if you are dribbling all that time you will be fine, however if you are not and keep on stopping and picking up the ball that would be a travel .

Ball and socket hinge gliding and pivot are examples of what?