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No, you are thinking of double dribbling. Traveling is when a player takes 3 more step in a row without dribbling.

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Q: Is it traveling when someone starts to dribble and then stops and then stops?
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What does a double dribble consist of?

a player putting both hands on the ball and dribble or a player stops dribbling and starts again

What is a double dribbble in basketball?

A double dribble is when the person with the ball picks up the ball and stops dribbling it. After the person stops dribbling the ball, the person starts again without another person handling the ball. A legal dribble must never stop. The ball must be continually bounced and once the ball stops bouncing the player can not dribble again.

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It's when a basketball player dribbles the ball, stops briefly, and then resumes dribbling.

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