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I encountered such a case as a 2 year old infant. I fell down a flight of stairs and was admitted to the hospital when my mom found me with a huge bump slightly above my forehead. It wasn't an issue at all. Just a normal reaction to the fall. However, you may want to go to the clinic to get your head scanned just to make sure that it is no blodclot.

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Q: Is it serious if you hit your head and get a big bump right above your forehead?
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What if you hit your forehead right above nose and a big bump appears?

A: That's when you turn into a Richard Cranium!!

How do you know if the bump on your forehead is not serious?

The doctor will tell you when you go see him about it.

Can bony bump on forehead be removed?


Where is the right place to hit a head bump in soccer?

you use your forehead to hit the ball pulling yourself through the ball with your body

Hard bump on leftside of forehead above eyebrow how to pop?

Hi friend, did u find the answer please let me know. I am also suffering from the same.

What is the bumb on my forehead that when i try to pop blood comes out?

The bump on the forehead filled with blood is most likely a pimple.

What is a bump on the forehead that appeared with no cause?

a horn, possibly a sign that you're the antichrist.

If you hit your head and got a small bump on your forehead but after 3 days it started to get bigger is it anything serious?

depends on how hard you hit it but I would think that it is.

Is it better for a bump on the head to go out or in?

A bump is better if it forms a "hill" rather than a "valley" The Valley may be a skull fracture and more serious than just a bump. See the doctor right now for a possible fracture.

How do you get rid of a bump from a fall on your forehead that you have had for a week and wont go down the bump is soft like a zit but bigger?

by getting a penny hold it on your bump then push it down and rub it in cycle

Forehead bumps due to injury?

Bumps happen when you get hurt. The bump is just swelling.

What should you do with a painful bump on your forehead?

I would call a doctor and see what s/he says.