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yes in major leagues. im not sure about other leagues. if the batter gets a strike three he may try to go to first but the catcher will attempt to throw him out. it is best to do this play on a third strike that the catcher drops or fumbles. this type of play is rrare

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Q: Is it possible to strike out but still get to first?
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Is it possible to strike out but still get to first base?

In Major League Baseball, yes. There is a rule called the 'Uncaught Third Strike' rule. This rule states that if the catcher does not cleanly catch the pitched ball that results in a third strike, the batter may run to first base as if the ball were hit. If the batter reaches first base before the ball, the batter is awarded the base.

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Is it a strike if the catcher doesn't catch a strike?

The batter can run to first if the 3rd strike isn't caught. However, the batter still can be thrown out by the catcher at first base. Yes. A strike is called if the ball crosses home plate at the correct height, which is usually between the knees and the letters. A pitched ball does not have to be caught by the catcher to be called a strike.

What is a rule in baseball?

in a dropped third strike you can still make it to first if you get there before the ball does

Why do you get to run to first base after a dropped third strike?

The ball is still on play on a dropped-third strike and a runner can attempt to reach first base as long as a runner doesn't occupy first base prior to the dropped pitch.

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yes, so as a result it is possible to strike out four batters in an inning

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