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Q: Is it possible to join a sport team without tryout?
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When you join a sport league do you have to tryout?

Yes for some leagues and no for others

How do you join a sport?

You join a sport by either signing up at school or asking an adult

How do you join a shooting sport activity?

It depends on which sport you want to join, but generally, you just show up at an activity and tell them you want to join.

How do you join a clan in gunz?

to join a clan in gunz you just have to ask a member or player with a clan and ask them to join. Some clans require pros so you might have to tryout in order to get into the clan.. :D

How do you pass a baseball tryout?

you had to work for it no matter what but you just had to work for it everyday and also IMPROVE your skill to join every years

How can an Indian join NBA Basketball?

By being drafted, attending an NBA team tryout, or being signed as a Free Agent.

Who shouldn't join a sport?

a dog

What can i do if i don't like any sport?

invent a new sport!! or join a club

How can you encourega people to join in sports?

you can't encourage someone to join sport because it is a matter of there own free Will. therefore its not your choice. however people can want to join sport by seeing professionals playing the sport or doing a crazy stunt and the viewer will decide that he wants to join it because of his hero.

How do you join the arena football league?

Go to a teams home website and find the contact number, You can then ask all the requirements and open tryout dates

Why do people join volleyball and what is the sport all about?

to have fun :)

How much do you get paid to join a college sport?

You don't.

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