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It is possible to get 99 points in a game but it is a very hard task to accomplish in a game

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Q: Is it possible to get 99 points in a football game?
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What was the longest run in a football game?

for a cowboy its was tony dorsett 99yd run for a td the longest rushing play possible in football is 99 yards...

What is the maximum number of hands in a game of Hearts?

In traditional 100-point Hearts, with the Queen of Spades worth 13 points, hearts worth 1 point, and Shooting the Moon possible (taking all 13 penalty cards), a game can last at most 16 hands.However, this is virtually never seen in an actual game, since 15 hands generates 390 penalty points and no player can have more than 99 points. An example would be cumulative scores of 93-99-99-99 or 96-96-99-99.The maximum total after 16 hands is 416 points, and it is possible that all 4 players could go over 100 after 16 hands, and there could be a 4-way tie at 104 each. If a player "shoots the moon" on the 16th hand, three players would go over 100 and the total cumulative points would be 468.

What is the greatest possible number of points of intersection for 100 lines?

100*99/2 = 4950

How many experience points do you need in the game Runescape to get to level 99 in any skill?

Heaps. iT takes 4000 hours of work to get to level 99 in all skills (according to runescape)

What was the most points ever scored total in a nba game?

The most points scored ever in a game was 100 points by Wilt Chamberlain, but Brian Scalabrine got very close with 99 points, along with this he also had 100 assist 100 steals 100 Blocks 100 Rebounds and went 33/33 beyond the arc.

Can you score 25 touchdowns in a game?

It's technically possible, but even if the Super Bowl winners were to play against your local Peewee Football League team, they might have some difficulty doing so. That's about a touchdown every two minutes of clock time, meaning they would have to kick off, recover the ball, and score a touchdown in that time, consistently, for the entire game. It's doable. But it's not likely to happen in a game anyone would be interested in watching, because it would mean the teams were so mismatched in ability there would literally be no point in even playing. The highest legitimate score I've ever personally seen in a football game is 99 points, which is only about 12 touchdowns by the time you factor in extra points, and that game was not really very interesting to watch; the coach on the 99 point side was, by halftime, playing every bozo who was eligible in any position they wanted to try ("You're the 4th string JV left tackle, and you'd like to try quarterback? You've got 15 practices, right? Okay, you're in.") because there was literally no danger of the other team winning.

What is the longest possible play from scrimmage in American football?

99 yards ... a play that goes from the offensive team's one yard line all the way for a touchdown.

What is the longest run ever in footballl?

The longest possible run from scrimmage in football is 99 yards. According to, Tony Dorsett had a 99-yard run for the Dallas Cowboys against Minnesota in 1982. The Vikings won the game anyway, 31-27. Ahman Green had a 98-yard run for Greenbay in 2003. Two others have 97-yard runs, and four others have 96-yard runs. ----------

How do you get 99 rarecandy?

Depends on the game. In the most recent games (DS games), you can get Battle Points from the Battle Towers and spend the points on various items, including rare candies. Or, in the newest games (HeartGold and SoulSilver), you can participate in the Pokeathlon and receive points to spend on them as well. :)

How many times has Florida State University played in a national championship football game?

5 (1993-2001) Winning 2 (93 & 99)

Mark Messier most points?

In 1998-99 Messier had 129 points.

What was lebrons football number?


How much xp does jack of trades give?

It depends on the level of the skill you use it on, and it is approximately equal to the square of the skill. For example, for a skill at level 71, I got almost 5000 points. At level 99 you would get about 10,000 experience points, and at level 120 (possible for Dungeoneering), over 14,000 points.

Who ran the longest run from the line of scrimmage in the NFL?

Tony Dorsett 99 yrd td run against minnesota vikings on a monday night football game

Are dsi points reusable?

wii points are not so im guessing ds i points arent (a 99% chance they are not)

What players wear number 99 in football?

defensive lineman and some linebackers do wear 99

What is a 99 out of 120 points?

82.5% B

What is the greatest possible of two digit numbers?


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free 99 free 99

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You can not, however you can get 99, but it will take a very long time. You have to have poke'mon that have the ability to pick up items

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To the greatest accuracy possible, exactly 99 min.

What is longest penalty in football history?

99 yards

What is the longest college football pass?

99 years

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his number for football is 99

What are the sizes of the terrain for the football team?

99 102