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yes if you either buy the right type of paint

or you can get it done specially by certain companies



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Q: Is it possible to custom paint a Ski helmet?
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Where can one purchase a Giro ski helmet?

A Giro ski helmet can be purchased from all good ski and alpine specialist stores. Alternatively, try sports stores such as Sports Direct, or webpages such as Amazon or Ebay.

Do you have to ware a ski helmet skiing in France by law?


How much does a ski helmet weigh?

34 grams

What equipment does alpine skiing use?

Skiis, ski poles, ski boots, snow pants, coat, mittens, ski helmet/ hat, ski gogles. :-)

What gear do you need for skiing?

For one day of skiing, typically you need a hat or helmet, sunglasses or goggles, boots, skis, jacket, long socks (do not use soccer socks, your best bet would be to buy a pair of ski socks at your local sports store), and gloves. The eye and head wear are optional, but i highly recommend a helmet and goggles; accidents can happen anywhere and a helmet might just save your life.

Can you wear a skull cap under your helmet?

Yes you can wear a skull cap under a ski helmet.

What equipment is used in ski jumping?

Ski's, poles, suit, helmet, ski boots, goggles and maybey some other stuff but i dont no them

Where can one buy a ski doo helmet?

A ski doo helmet can be ordered from popular websites such as Amazon and eBay. Alternatively, it can be bought from Skidoooutlet website. They offer free shipping on orders over 99 dollars.

What is the longest ski jump that helmet Recknagel has jumped?

Obersdorf 1958 136m

Is it really necessary to wear a ski helmet?

In my opinion it is important to wear a ski helmet. It's not an opinion, its a fact. I know someone who was skiing and hit a tree really hard, mostly with her head. When she went to the doctor she brought her helmet with her. He said that it most definitely saved her life, why? It was one of the best helmets on the market and it was in three pieces. Also, recently where I ski, Big White, someone died because they hit a tree without a helmet. They usually wore a helmet but that day they forgot their helmet at their house in Kelowna, a 45 min. drive away, so he decided he would ski without. Also, about 10% of ski injuries are head injuries, about 90% of ski deaths are caused by head injuries and about 80% of those people weren't wearing helmets. That's reason enough for me to wear a helmet, it could very well save my life one day and that's important to me.

What is a good writing slogan for a ski helmet?

instead of knock on wood, it can be knock on snow!

What do you bring skiing?

skis, poles, ski boots, jacket, snowpants, ski socks, long underwear, gloves, hat or helmet, goggles or sunglasses, money, attitude.