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yes, weird wording but yes and long as the ball is reasonably catchable. If the ball is thrown in the stands then no.

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Q: Is it pass interference if the defender makes contact while both players are in the air before the ball gets to them?
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What is pass interference in flag football?

In general, interference is a deliberate act, with contact, to impede a receiver from catching a pass...or an act by a receiver to prevent defensing a pass (offensive pass interference). It is most often hitting or grabbing the receiver before the pass arrives, or a receiver shoving a defender away. If the pass has not been thrown when a defensive penalty occurs, the lesser penalty of illegal contact will apply instead. The rules are different in each level of play (high school, NCAA, NFL), as are the penalties applied.

Is English football considered a contact sport?

Yes it is, many serious injuries have been caused by lawful contact, such as sliding tackles where the defender has touched the ball before he makes contact with the player in posession,as long as no malicious intent is apparent.

Does 1999 Isuzu rodeo have an interference engine. Is it true they have to first replace the timing belt and water pump before determining whether the engine needs to be replaced?

NO the rodeo does not have an interference engine. You can break the timing belt and not ruin the engine.......... THIS IS AN INTERFERENCE ENGINE. IF THE CRANKSHAFT MOVES WHILE THE TIMING BELT IS OFF OR BREAKS, THE VALVES WILL COME INTO CONTACT WITH THE PISTONS.

How do you get a rune defender in RuneScape?

The rune defender is classified only for members, if your a member go to the Warriors' guild on the top floor. It requires 40 Attack and 40 Defence to wield. The Rune defender is dropped by Cyclopes but first you will have to get the bronze defender and get the other defenders BEFORE you can get a rune defender. Hope i helped.

Can a player use the end net as a support in attempting to gain a rebound after a shot for goal in indoor netball?

sure, as long as you do not contact your defender. if you are worried, ask your coach or the umpire during training or before a match. :)

When are you assigned a public defender in California?

You may be assigned a Public Defender in California at different times. If you are being questioned by police, you can request an attorney at that time even if you have not been charged. At your first court appearance - called an arraignment - you will be assigned a Public Defender if you don't already have one and can't afford to hire a lawyer. But you can also contact the Public Defender's Office before your arraignment. Bear in mind that the first Public Defender you speak with may not represent you at all phases of your case. The Los Angeles County Public Defender's Office has a great description of its procedures in the first related link below, but the procedure may be different in different counties. Use the second related link to find Public Defender offices in any county, with links to their websites.

What is the responsibility of the defender?

Depends on what sport. Soccer, Hockey, Etc. But the main point of the defender is to make sure the ball (or anything else, depends on the game) doesn't go into the goal. The defender is the last line of defense before the Goalie.

If I take a shot and the defender atempts to block and touches my hand before or after is this a foul My buddy seems to think your hands are counted as apart of the ball which I find strange?

According to the page found on the NBA website at "Incidental Contact: The mere fact that contact occurs does not mean a foul has been committed. Players are allowed to contact other players when reaching for a loose ball, or when performing normal offensive and defensive movements. The hand is considered " part of the ball" when it is in contact with the ball and contact with a players hand when it is in contact with the ball is not a foul." So, as far as the NBA is concerned, the hand is part of the ball when the ball is in the other player's hand. If the ball is not in the shooter's hand, a foul could be called. Most of the questions concerning this rule occur when the offensive player is driving the basket and attempting a slam dunk. On a jump shot, once the ball leaves the shooter's hand, the hand is no longer part of the ball and a foul could be called.

How long after incarceration in New York State should a person have a hearing or see a public defender..?

How long it takes to have your first hearing - called an arraignment - depends on what part of New York you are in, and the court's caseload. You don't have control over it. But you do have control over seeing a public defender, and you should do that immediately. A public defender may even be able to get your bail reduced, so you need to have one before you even post bail. This is assuming you can't afford to hire a private lawyer; the court will determine whether you qualify for a public defender, based on your income. As soon as you are arrested, inform the police that you want a lawyer, and that you need a public defender because you can't afford to hire a private lawyer. You can even contact a public defender office before you are arrested, although they can't represent you until you are actually arrested. Click the related link below to see links to all New York public defender offices. If you are already in custody, have a friend or family member do it for you. After you click the link, you'll see a list of legal aid and lawyer referral resources. Just look for "public defender" links. Use the "New York State Public Defender List" link in the statewide category, or scroll down to your county and look for a link to the local public defender office. Click one of those blue links to go to their website and get their contact info.

How can you record an out in a baseball game before the first pitch?

batters interference

What is Hitting receiver before the ball called in football?

Pass Interference

In baseball how many players can get out before the team is out?

3 players