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Yes, it is out hitting the wicket after scoring a six in cricket because the batsman hit the wicket.

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Q: Is it out hitting the wicket after scoring a six in cricket?
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Which is the sport where you could be out leg before wicket or hit a six?

Cricket Dumas

Which the sport where you could be out leg before we wicket or hit a six?


Which cricketer got out hit wicket after hitting a six?

inzamam ul haq

What is the simile for a cricket?

Close of play Knocked for six Up stumps Straight Bat Fast Bowling Duck the bouncers Sticky wicket Not cricket Take one for the team Retire to the pavilion In the paddock Caught out Leg before Wicket

How do you hit six in the cricket match?

This is a mad question. You have to play for learn.

In cricket After hitting the ball ball has broken but one part of the ball landed in side the boundary another part landed in out side the boundary what will happen?

It will be considered a six.

Who has hit longest six in international cricket?

longest six in history of cricket by the criss gyle from west indies

How do you hit a cricket ball for six?

By hitting the ball over the boundary without the ball touching the ground before hand. If the ball touches the ground before the boundary but goes over it, it scores four.

Who hit most six in a over in test cricket?

Ravi Shastri hit the most six in a over in test cricket.

How do you make a six shot in cricket?

To score a six in cricket, you have to hit the ball so that it crosses the boundary rope on the foul.

In which sport could you hit a ' six ' or ' bowl a leg spinner '?


Prior to 2011 when did India last win the Cricket World Cup?

inidia won it in 1983. under kapil dev's captaincy. defeating west indies in final.Prior to their six-wicket victory in the 2011 World Cup final, India have won the Cricket World Cup on one previous occasion, in 1983. They beat the West Indies by a margin of 43 runs in the final, on June 25, 1983.