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Yes as long as you dry yourself before you play Baseball to avoid slipping over

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Because swimming completely exhausts children resulting in poor performance on the field

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I would always hear this from my coaches. My Baseball coaches were adamant about no swimming the day of game. I always wondered if it was true. One day, I forgot that I had a game, and went swimming early in the day. It wasn't strenuous, just hanging out in the pool. About 5 hours after swimming, I had a baseball game. I truly felt sluggish and weak. I felt really off my game. I couldn't hit, and felt like I couldn't move as fast. I realized that swimming does do something to your performance. The science, I havent heard, but I had never experienced such a performance slump like I did the day I got in the pool before a game. I think, since you move slower in the water, your brain adjust to the resistance in the water. Maybe it just takes some time for your brain to reset. My biggest complaint was felling like I couldn't move fast enough. I was swinging well behind the ball and I was always an excellent hitter. I didn't strike out very often. I struck out every at bat that day. That was the first time I had ever done that. I told myself, I will never swim before a game again. Just don't swim the day of a game. Its not worth the risk of causing your team the game.

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Q: Is it okay to go swimming before a baseball game?
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