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Q: Is it okay for a 12 year old 4'10 boy who weighs 80 pounds to lift 5 pound dumbells?
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Can a thirteen year old lift dumbells?

sure, it makes you more strong and it funP.S. i am 12 and i lift 4 pound dumbells so you ca lift 5 pounds (: ,:p

How can children get buff?

By eating right and lifting wieghts. For kids 11-13 you should lift 5 pound dumbells for 20 minutes each day.

How many pounds should a 230 pound man lift?

about 100 pounds

Can you lift dumbells if you are 5 feet 10 inches and 115pound and16 years old if you can lift weights how muchshould you lift?


Who is the pound for pound strongest person in the world?

a 13 year old girl can lift 89 pounds!!

Why is there a 45 pound weight in a gym?

Instead of adding a 25 pound weight, and then 2 ten pound weights, it would be much easier to add a 45 pound weight. A 45 pound weight is standard in every gym, and not everyone can lift 10 more pounds if there was a fifty pound weight (five extra pounds on each side totals to 10 more pounds to lift).

How much force are you exerting when you lift a 50 pound dumbbell?

Any force that is more than 50 pounds will lift a 50-pound object. The greater the force is, the greater the object's upward acceleration, and the sooner the object will reach any given height.

A mover wants to use his own weight to lift a 450-pound box with a lever and a fulcrum He weighs 150 pounds If the output arm is 1 meter long how long does the input arm need to be?

3 meters

How many pounds of weight could a preson lift with all 600 muscles?

one pound

How much force would be used to lift a 60 pound rock if the advantage is 4?

60/4 pounds or 15 pounds

Is it possible to lift a 30 liter bottle of water and why?

30 litres of water weighs about 65 pounds, so a fit person should be able to lift it.

What age should I lift dumbells?

you should be at least 12 years old.