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It is not bad, but not good either. If you lift weights everyday, you should only do that for up to an hour. Your body cannot physically maintain a high level of energy to lift weights for longer than that. If you are thinking long term (as in lifting weights for a year or many months) then you should take every other day off. If you are trying to lift weights for a shorter time (3 months or less) and you want to lift weights as often as you can, take at least one day a week off (a good choice is Sunday).

However, if you work out too many days in a row, your body may get very sore. It is very wise to take at least one day a week off, if not 2-3. If you get sore, take a few days off in a row. You could end up tearing a muscle, ligament, or tendon if you decide to go through the pain. The saying "no pain no gain" is very incorrect. If you are experiencing pain, stop immediately. It is okay to feel fatigued, but pain is not good.

You shouldn't lift weights every day, though. You should mix the routine up. For instance, lift weights one day and do a cardio activity the next. Cardio activities include running, biking, going on the elliptical machine, doing a "stair master," or any other motion related activity. This will not only give your body a break from weight lifting, but will also allow your body to burn off calories in a way where you will build muscle and lose body fat.

You also shouldn't do the same weight lifting activities 2 days in a row. For instance, if you bench press, do arm curls, lower back extensions, and pull-ups one day, don't do any of those the next day. You need to let those muscles rest. The next day you should focus on the muscles that you didn't work out, like leg extensions, upper back exercises, curl-ups (or any abdominal exercise like the bicycle exercise), arm extensions (works the triceps), and dips.

Doing the max of any exercise is not recommended, though. The obvious danger in doing that is that you could easily pull a muscle, injure yourself, and possibly be too sore to work out for a few days. On whatever setting you do any exercise, you should be able to do 10 of them. If you are going to bench 25 lbs, you should be able to do that 10 times. If you are going to do a shoulder press on 50 lbs, you should be able to do that 10 times. A good strategy is to do 10, take a 30 second break, do 10 again (same machine), take a 30 second break, and do 10 more (still same machine). That way you will be able to fully maximize the machine and what muscle you are working and not just giving a small amount of effort.

If you are new to weight-lifting, don't overdo it on the first day. The first few days is the time where you will most likely injure yourself. It's definitely not fun when you think you can do a certain amount and come home only to find out that you are really sore and won't be able to work out for the next week. Make sure you stretch before you start lifting weights, and only do what you know you can do.

The biggest thing to understand about weight-lifting, or exercising in general, is that your body adapts very well. If you do 10 reps on 40 lbs. for anything, your body will be a little fatigued the first day (if 40 lbs. is a lot- it depends on what is heavy for you) and you will burn a good amount of calories. However, if you are still doing that after a week, you will have developed what is called "muscle memory" where your body will burn as little calories and use as little energy as it can to lift that amount of weights for that period of time. That is why it is very good to vary your workouts often. A pattern is good if you continually increase the weight level or reps, but if you know that you aren't going to, swtich the routine up at least every week. Here is an example routine in which somebody may do for a week. Note: All activities include 3 sets of 10 reps with 30 second breaks in between unless cardio.

Monday: Chest workouts (dips, chest press, bench press), arm workouts (bicep curl, arm extension).

Tuesday: Cardio (elliptical, running). Wednesday:Break (light cardio to stay in shape.)

Thursday: Abs (curl-up, total abdominal, bicycle kick), back (upper back workout, lower back extension), hips (dead lift).

Friday: Cardio (stationary bike, the wave).

Saturday: Legs (leg extension, leg press, leg curl, squats), shoulder (shoulder press, military press, vertical traction).

Sunday: Break (light cardio to stay in shape).

As the "Your body adapts well" section describes above, your body, well, adapts well. Make sure to vary when you workout what muscle, and how you work them out. Thus, you confuse your body and your workouts become very well done. You will notice results in at least 4 weeks if you truly follow these tips. However, it also requires you to eat well (i.e. no junk food every day). Eat lots of grains, fruits, vegetables, and lean meat. Doing so will really help your body stay in shape and get fit.

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Q: Is it ok to lift weights every day?
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Is it ok to lift weights every other day?

It's best to work out every other day, or you can work different muscle groups everday.

Is it ok to lift light weights everyday?

It is perfectly acceptable to lift weights every day. However, you must be careful not to overtrain. You can accomplish this by rotating the muscle groups you use in each workout, and limiting the duration or intensity of your training. It is definitely NOT okay to hit the same muscles with high intensity day after day.

Is it ok to lift weights in the morning?

Yes, in fact, lifting weights in the morning is the best time to lift weights since your body will have more energy.

Is it ok to lift weights at 13 years olds i am a 13yr old boy i am 5 foot 4 and i weigh 115 and i was wondering if it would stunt my growth if i starting to lift weights?

It actually is okay to lift weights at your age. I am a 14 year old girl and i bench press a bunch of weights and i have not stunted my growth. Guys are mad to lift weights I'm not suppose to lift weights but i am strong enough to do it. The answer to you is yes.

Is it OK to lift weights everyday then take Saturday and Sunday off?


Is it ok to lift weights at 14?

Yes. But dont lift too heavy, you may hurt yourself. Have an elder supervise you so that you can be safe.

Is it OK for 10-year-old boy to lift weights?

No, it is not advisable for 10-year-old boy to lift weights because of skeletal immaturity at that age. Wait until age sixteen or 15 at least.

Is it okay to lift weights with a toothache?

Well yes....unless it's giving you a headache then why wouldn't it be ok?

Is it ok to lift weights when sore?

Yes, it is okay to lift when you are sore. If the soreness is coming from a muscle group you previously worked on your muscles are repairing itself. It should be gone after about a week.

I'm Eleven and I'm quite tall and strong. I want to do weights but Im afraid I'll stop growing. Is it ok to lift weights when your eleven?

I'm 13 and I've been lifting heavy weights for a year and it hasn't stunted my growth so you will be fine

At what age is it OK to lift weights?

You can lift wights at any age you want in private, but in places like gyms and sports centers expert trainers say you should be 15-16+. Although a 12 year old could lift weights, their arms and bodies aren't fully grown. Although they look alright on the out side they could cause damage on the inside.

Is it OK for a small boy to lift weights?

It depends on the age of the boy. Do you mean a small boy in height or a small boy in age? If you mean a young boy, the answer is no. Because of the skeletal immaturity of youngsters, it is not advisable that they train with weights. They should play regular sports to develop co-ordination and all-around fitness. Then start to lift weights at around age sixteen.

Is it ok to lift weights everyday?

yes as long as you dont over do it. lift only about 1/4 of your max weight on machines at most and only exercise for about a half hour. be sure to stretch before and after. if you over do it and lift a lot of weight for a strait hour or something your muscles will be very sore the next day and will probably atrophy because of it. i know what im talking about, im a bodybuilder.

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Is it ok to bench press everyday?

if You use less than 60% of your 1 rep max it's ok, otherwise you should only every oyther day if you're going to be bench pressing in order to get stronger or bigger, then no, do not bench press every day. If you are a woman or a man who wants to lift like a woman or look like a woman, then feel free to. Bench press is a man's lift. A big lift. A growing lift. You should bench press once per week. maybe twice. but go for big weight each time. Bench press is not cardio. So stay away from 60% max crap and stay strong.

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Should you weight lift every day?

it is OK to weight lift every day, but alternate which muscle group you are working each day. this way your muscles will have time to recover while you work other parts of your body. rest is important for your muscles because that is when your body builds your muscles up stronger, when you do a workout you break down your muscles on a small (healthy) level, and when you rest they are built up stronger than before. you can find weight lifting plans online, they usually have a day for the upper body and a day for the lower body switching off.

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