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That would be each persons choice to go commando under Rugby shorts.

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โˆ™ 2014-08-20 23:17:36
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Q: Is it ok to go commando under rugby shorts?
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Why do some footballers go commando under their shorts?

They do that because they can play more comfortably without any problems like wedgies.

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Nothing you go commando

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It is not illegal

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Do most girls go commando?


Why do girls go commando?

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* Get outside in the nude and grab a plant as proof. * Stand naked in front of your window (with high visibility) for a fixed amount of time. Say 3 minutes. For girls only: go commando and wear a skirt, than do the Marilyn Monroe move above an air vent. For boys: go commando and wear baggy & short shorts

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Yes it does

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