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Both yoga and pilates offer benefits to your body and there is no reason you cannot do both forms of exercise. Participating in one activity will not harm or undo benefits of the other - any trainer or GP who tells you can only do one is more concerned with their revenue and less with your physical well being. The golden rule of all exercie is ALWAYS LISTEN TO YOUR BODY don't do exercises your body can't cope with.

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Q: Is it ok to do yoga and winsor Pilates?
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What is winsor pilates?

Its an exercise program which consists of different Pilates workouts :)

Is Winsor Pilates ok for people that have a heart condition?

Winsor pilates is fine for most people with a heart condition, but that person should consult a physician beforehand. Each person will be different than the next.

What are the different types of yoga?

Hatha yoga- is good for both physical as well as mental well-being.Kundalini Yoga- This style involves the knowledge of various centers called chakras in the human body, there is an emphasis on breath and meditation.Iyengar yoga- This style of yoga focuses on the precision of the movement and pose. There are props used in the style for example chairs, blankets and so on.Bikram yoga- This style is very vigorous and the room is heated.There's also Bhakti Yoga,and Siddhi Yoga, Tantric Yoga,and more...

Where can I get a video of Winsor Pilates?

Check out to get many different videos for Winsor Pilates. Or, you can also go to and buy straight from the source.

What is the difference between winsor pilates and regualr pilates?

Both types of pilates are quite similar. They both work on breathing, stretching, balance and toning. The only difference between the two, is that winsor pilates use accessories to assist in the movements, like balls, and resistance bands to name a few.

Winsor pilates butt and thighs?

Is a great pilates dvd to workout with at home.

Does Wal-Mart sell winsor Pilates dvds at a competitive price?

Yes! They do and it is relatively cheaper than buying directly from Winsor Pilates. They are around $10 if you check out

Is there a variety of winsor Pilates dvds?

Yes, there is a variety of winsor Pilates dvds. There is the Basic, the 20 minutes workout, the Accelerated Body Sculpting the Flat Abs, the Cardio Pilates and many more! There is also a Pink Workout specific for women.

What are some highly recommended Pilates DVDs?

Some highly recommended Pilates DVDs include the Winsor Pilates, Pilates Core, and Pilates Workout for Dummies. These are three highly recommended Pilates DVDs.

Is the stabilizing ball used more for pilates or yoga?

A stabilizing ball is more used for pilates. Yoga only has minimal equipment.

What are some of the most popular pilates DVDs?

Winsor pilates has a large amount of DVDs that entail different types of pilates and those are probably the most poplular type. There are also ones by pilates for life that are popular.

How do you get super flexible?

pilates and yoga help!! x