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Yes as long as there are 5 on the field and three on the bench

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Q: Is it ok if a middle school basketball team has 8 players?
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Who is the best basketball team in middle school?

Creekland middle school grizzlies

Who is the best middle school basketball team in ga?

Creekland middle school grizzlies

Do basketball players in the middle east get paid?

If they are in the National team, then yes they do get paid.

How many players to a basketball team?

on the Syracuse basketball team there is 18 players

Is there a boys basketball team in Tonasket WA for middle schoolers?

Yes, Tonasket middle school has a boys basketball team for grades 7th and 8th.

What does 5 P on a B T mean?

5 = Players in a Basketball Team (USA)players on a basketball team?

What the average amount of players for a middle school baseball team?


What middle school has the best basketball team?

Wca Knights of Barrett Minnesota

The mode height of the players on a high school basketball team is 68 inches What does this tell you about the typical height of a player on this team?

the average height of the players on the team is 68 inches.

What is the name of a basketball team that is owned by basketball players?

The jordan team

Players on 1992 Egyptian basketball team?

who was the famous basketball players in 1992

Who do you think will win the 8th grade basketball team or the staff?

That depends. Some middle school teams (specifically the ones in the Eastern region of the US) are very good, as many players can actually dunk. However, the staff could be very good. Oftentimes, many ex-basketball players (from college or their high school days) become teachers. Generally, the team will win.