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If you've delivered recently (within the past week), your milk has just come in. You can relieve the pressure/pain by expressing milk (either by hand or with a breast pump).

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Q: Is it normal to have very sore hard breasts after pregnancy?
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Is extremely sore breasts during early pregnancy normal?

yes, very normal

Could you have sore breasts in phantom pregnancy?

Yes you could, you get all the symptoms of a normal pregnancy.

Is it a sign of pregnancy if you do not normally have sore breasts but had very sore breasts and nipples the week prior to and the week following a normal period?

If the period wasn't normal yes. Because your period was normal, your not pregnant.

Are sore breasts before period is due is it too early for a pregnancy test?

Sore breasts before period is normal. If you miss your period, take a test

At what stage in pregnancy do you get sore breasts?

You will get sore boobs at your early stages of pregnancy.

Do your breasts get sore during pregnancy?


Can you be pregnant but not have sore breasts?

No. Just because your breasts are sore doesn't mean that you are pregnant. When you get your period, your breasts tend to get sore too. Sore breasts aren't the only sign of pregnancy.

Sore breasts after period?

its normal

Is it possible to have sore breasts not affiliated with pregnancy?


I am in my 5th week of pregnancy and am not experiencing any symptoms not even sore breasts is this normal?

It is normal not to feel any symptoms, I started feeling pregnancy symptoms when I was 6 weeks!

What about constantly hard and mildly sore nipples rather than sore or enlarged breasts combined with a late period could that be a sign of pregnancy?

Yes this could be pregnancy related. Perform a HPT.

Can you start out with sore breasts and then it just goes away around the 9th week?

For some women that is normal. And some never get sore breasts. It depends on the pregnancy and the women. If you are worried, talk to your doctor, but that is normal. The tenderness may come back also.

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