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No unless there is a special occasion

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Q: Is it normal to do the Seven Nation Army chant at a baseball game?
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What is that whoa song you here playing at football games?

This song is called Kernkraft 400 (Sports Chant) by Zombie Nation. I verified this on iTunes. Or it could be seven nation army that youre talking about

Is defense a chant in baseball?

No. The chant 'defense' is used in the sport of American football.

What is the sports chant that has a trumpet in the background and a group of people chant woahh oh woah oh oh woahh oh woah oh oh the song isn't zombie nation?

Zombie Nation - Kernkraft 400 (Sport Chant Remix)

When and where was baseball player Charlie Chant born?

Charlie Chant was born August 7, 1951, in Bell, CA, USA.

When did baseball player Charlie Chant play?

Charlie Chant debuted on September 12, 1975 and played his final game on October 3, 1976.

What is the song played at Dodger Stadium after a Dodger home run?

Zombie Nation - Kenkraft 400 (Stadium Chant)

What song is played when the Milwaukee admirals score?

Kernkraft 400 (Sport Chant Stadium Remix)- Zombie Nation

What are baseball player Charlie Chant's physical stats?

Charlie Chant is 6 feet tall. He weighs 190 pounds. He bats right and throws right.

What year did Gregorian Chant develop?

what is the gregorian chant? or what was the gregorian chant?

Who was the first sports team to celebrate using zombie nation?

The Zombie Nation song, known as the "Sport Chant Remix" was first used by the sports teams at Marquette University in 2002.

What are some sporting chants?

theres a baseball chant that goes "we want a pitcher not a belly itcher."

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