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Q: Is it normal to be really sore after throwing a baseball?
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What causes sore underarms?

throwing punches or boxing

Is it normal to have sore feet after running?

If you are using proper form when running, and if you have a pair of well-fitting shoes with good support, you really should not have sore feet after going running.

How to deal with pain when throwing a baseball?

lots of stretching before throwing. lots of ice after on the sore areas, resting the arm when possible and taking anti inflammatory medication like aleve or Motrin occasionally. but not too much because you can hurt your stomach and liver with overuse.

Does the H1N1 shot hurt?

no.... the shot doesn't. but after, it is really sore. it really depends on how tough you are at being sore. like almost every other shot or vaccination you do not feel it go in unless you have a nurse who jabs it into you. your arm will be sore for a few days and you may feel sick but that us normal. better than getting the actual h1n1!

What is the meaning of the phrase sore loser?

basically a sore loser is someone who loses a match and blames people around him for the loss] e.g. stop throwing chess pieces at me you sore loser. thats basically it stupid.

Is it normal for your tongue to be sore after you pierced it yourself about 30 minutes ago?

Not only is it normal, it is expected. When you get it done by a professional, it is sore for days. Since it was done by yourself, it might be safe to assume it was not in the most sanitary environment. You should really get it checked out by a medical professional or a piercing professional to be sure it is ok.

Is it normal for a belly piercing to be red sore and itch after 4 days?

only if you want it to be sore and itcy

Is it normal to have sore heads after a head injury?


If you gain weight is it normal for breasts to be sore?


Is it normal to have sore breasts during puberty?


If you have a broken nose is it normal to have a sore throat?

Its not normal you probably just got a cold

Is extremely sore breasts during early pregnancy normal?

yes, very normal