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Yes Im a fan and I do my own stunts

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โˆ™ 2011-06-21 04:10:33
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Q: Is it normal that jackass fans attempt any stunts of their own?
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Who is hunter bratcher?

he is a teenager who is a part of the kid jackass team. he does stupid stuff to hurt himself to entertain his fans. he plays johnny Knoxville in the jackass team. he is da bomb.

Which Jonas Brother is your FANS?


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no, criss angel loves me the most ................. joking but he does love all of his fans his family and his crue that go through everything to get him through with his stunts

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Of course it is thousands of people are fans of Anthro animals. It is perfectly normal to be a furry.

What is a childish sense of humor?

Generally, a sense of humor that hasn't matured with the chronological age of the individual. Fans of "Jackass," for example, are often considered to have a childish sense of humor.

What did the valentine say in jackass 2?

Most of it is illegible - even with the DVD frame paused and zoomed in on a HD TV. It was written by Johnny Knoxville and Jeff Tremaine as bait for the prank 'Boxing Glove' - it was meant to look like a group of young female fans had made it (valentine) and left it for the Jackass stars to read in attempt to meet them (presumably for a romantic encounter at the hotel). This explains the heart shape and obscene drawings on it. It is likely a violation of the Wiki Answers rules to type out most of it.

Did jb retire?

No, he said he did, in an attempt to either make fun of his fans or to gain attention for his career

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Of course not! She's a normal celebrity that likes to Sing Dance and her Fans.

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Because if it weren't for us they would be normal kids.

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