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Q: Is it mandatory for high school players to have colored mouthpieces?
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Who was the first colored high school football player?

Fritz Pollard and Bobby Marshall were the first colored players in what now is the NFL in 1920.

Is school mandatory in Thailand?

Yes school is mandatory in Thailand.

A sentence with the word mandatory in it?

"It is mandatory to wear a school uniform to school"

Should school be mandatory or not?

Yes school should be mandatory. If school is not mandatory then you on't have and education or even a job. If that's the way you want to live then so be it.

Is school mandatory in New Jersey?

Yes, school is mandatory in EVERY state of the U.S.A.

What age is school mandatory in Nicaragua?

School isn't mandatory. That's why there is such a large level of illiteracy.

Should school students face mandatory drug tests?

should school students face a mandatory drug test

Who decides mandatory curriculum in high school?

The local school board, guided by state curriculum, determines the mandatory classes for each year of high school in that district.

When was Calhoun Colored School created?

Calhoun Colored School was created in 1892.

When was Weston Colored School created?

Weston Colored School was created in 1882.

Who goes to school in Germany?

Everyone, school is mandatory.

What is the number of mandatory year of school in Romania?

Today the mandatory years of school is 10; but it is overmuch because 60 % of the students in highschools are idiots.

If you go to school in Alberta is it mandatory you learn French?

No, It has not been mandatory since 2006.

Who invented football mouthpieces?

I know of a Dr. J. Diehl Sulsberger, a well-known dentist in Zanesville, Ohio who was doing mouthpieces for the high school and Ohio State in the late 1950's and early 60's. I was one of the recipients. M.L. Jackson

When was Halltown Colored Free School created?

Halltown Colored Free School was created in 1870.

When was Liberty Colored High School created?

Liberty Colored High School was created in 1937.

When was Normal School for Colored Girls created?

Normal School for Colored Girls was created in 1851.

When did Normal School for Colored Girls end?

Normal School for Colored Girls ended in 1955.

Should school students face mandatory drug-test?

School students shouldn't face mandatory drug-test because the money the school spends on buying the drug test they can spend on other stuff for the school.

Are sports mandatory in high school?


Is high school mandatory in the US?

The legal dropout age is 16 in most places. Until then, it is mandatory.

Is Summer reading list optional?

It depends on your school. Some schools have it be optional, while other schools have it be mandatory. Check with your school to see if it's optional or mandatory.

Is school mandatory to go to school?

Depends what country you live in and if your parents are willing to home-school you.

When was Halltown Union Colored Sunday School created?

Halltown Union Colored Sunday School was created in 1901.

When was Grand Bay Elementary School for Colored created?

Grand Bay Elementary School for Colored was created in 1919.