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No, it is not legal, the serve must go over the net before it is touched by anybody.

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depends on the rules of the organization you're playing for

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Q: Is it legal to throw a volleyball up and under hit it on a serve?
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What is the preferred method of returning the volleyball after a serve?

rolling the ball under the net

In volleyball do you roll the ball under the net so the other team can serve?


How is called the service in Volleyball?

The two over arm serves are called the top spin and the flote serve and the under arm serve

What is a foot vault?

A foot fault is when in volleyball you serve and you pass the line or put your foot under the net.

What are the different kind of service in volleyball and their function?

There is the over-hand serve and the under-handserve. The over-hand is when you hit the volleyball with your palm or fist over your head. The under-hand is when you hit the volleyball with your palm or fist under your head. The point of both of the serves are to get the ball over the net and in between the out lines.

What are the kinds of services of volleyball?

these are only ones i can think of but there could be more jump serve floater regular serve side serve under hand serve drop serve (where the ball just basically drops over on the other side hard) dinker serve (not the best and normally not on purpose) short serve long serve

What are the basics of volleyball?

A bump or a pass, a set, a forehead set, an under hand serve or a over hand serve, a spike

How long does a sever serve in badminton?

In volleyball, the amount of time the server can take to serve after the whistle is blown varies based on what organization you are playing under. Some time around five seconds is usually used, though.

Are you allowed a second serve in volleyball?

In professional, college, high school, and almost all other regulation volleyball games a player does not get the opportunity for a reserve if the first serve does not go in. This rule may be used by some youth programs because they are just learning but any official game it does not.

What is the 14 and under volleyball net height for AAU volleyball?

Seven feet

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Contact the Guardian Ad Litem Association

How many seconds does the team have to serve the ball?

In a game of volleyball, a player has 10 seconds to serve the ball. Once you get the ball, wait for the ref to blow his whistle. This indicates that you can serve. If you toss but dont like it, let the ball drop. The ref will blow his whistle and you may start over, with a new 10 seconds. But, you can only re-toss once.