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i think it is but u should ask a soccer coach

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Q: Is it legal to slide tackle in indoor soccer?
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Related questions

Is slide tackling completely illegal in soccer?

A slide tackle is legal in soccer. Touching the ball before touching the player is one of the requirements for a legal slide tackle, but is not the only requirement.

What soccer skill can be dangerous if performed incorrectly?

The Slide Tackle

Difference between indoor soccer and soccer?

indoor soccer is played with walls,and there is no out of bounds unless the ball goes over the wall. the grass is turf in indoor soccer.there is no slide tackling in indoor.

What does the term slide mean in a soccer game?

'slide' Is part of the tackle 'Slide tackle' Which is when you side along the ground to try and fairly get a ball from a player of the opposite team.

What is it called when the defender slides and attempts to take the ball from their appoment in soccer?

it's called a tackle ITs called a SLIDE tackle

Is a slide tackle legal?

A properly performed slide tackle is allowed under the FIFA Laws of the Game. Some recreational and coed leagues have modified the laws to disallow slide tackling.

What other things can you do in soccer?

What do you know about soccer? It's hard to answer your question. You can use tricks, show-off, slide tackle, and etc.

What is a tackle in soccer?

Well there is 2 types of tackles there is a standing tackle and a sliding tackle. The standing tackle is when you stand and place your feet towards someones legs. A sliding tackle is when you get on the ground and slide towards the players legs.

What is a legal slide tackle?

A legal slide tackle may come from any direction, although one from behind is harder to execute cleanly. Making contact with the ball before the opponent is a requirement for any legal tackle, but there are others. Does the player raise a leg or hook with their laces to trip the opponent after ball contact? This would be a foul.

Is a slide takle a legal move in soccer?

Yes. If correctly executed.

How many points do you get in soccer?

1 point for a goal, two points for a slide tackle, 3 points for an offsides

Is a slide tackle from behinde red or yellow card in soccer?

A slide tackle can be executed from behind without a free kick awarded or card shown, if it is performed correctly. It is a false assumption that being from behind makes it illegal.

What is the difference between soccer and football rules?

The sports have little similarities. you can't compare. football is hardcore and soccer is risistance.You can't even tackle in soccer,you can slide but if you don't hit the ball in a slide it's a fault.And you don't use protective gear in soccer like in football

What actions in the soccer game might result in a foul been called?

A wicked slide tackle,Hitting or Kicking.being too rough.

Young soccer player tips?

learn how to slide tackle the ball before you hit the person. kick a ball against a wall and test your aiming with the soccer ball. If you call it soccer you should go play handegg instead.

What is considerd a foul in volleyball?

Slide tackle

How can i be braver in the tackle for football eg slide tackle against bigger apponents?

The main thing to remember is that just because they are bigger than you doesn't mean that you can't slide them. As long as you get the ball, tackle them as hard as you can and make them feel it!

Why can boys slide tackle in soccer but not girls?

Both boys and girls are allowed to slide tackle. However, the maneuver can be dangerous and is usually discouraged for younger players. That said, boys tend to be more reckless and willing to put their bodies in danger to make a play, whereas girls typically prefer to outsmart their opponents with tactical advantages.

What is a foul in soccer?

A foul in soccer is when you slide tackle, grab, pull on another players jersey, or hit another player. It can also be when you bad mouth a player, coach, or referee. These can also become yellow or red flags if taken too far.

How do you change player on fifa 11?

same button as you use to slide tackle

Where is the world's longest indoor water slide?

Blackpool sandcastle water park

Is it legal to slide into home plate?

Yes, you can slide into any base.

Is it legal to slide into first?


What are penalties in soccer?

pushing, shoving, slide takling from behind.

Who does the best knee slide celebration in soccer?

Didier drogba