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No dodgeball is not legal

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Q: Is it legal to play dodgeball in new jersey?
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What have New Jersey and New York done about dodgeball?

because it was too violent and controversial

Is dodgeball illegal in New Jersey?

Dogeball is not illegal in new jersey but it's banned in many schools

Is dodgeball banned in New Jersey schools?

yes because, it was outlawed as bullying, and New Jersey has a No Bullying Law

What is the legal age for playing the New Jersey lottery?

The legal gambling age in New Jersey is 18

Is homosexuality legal in New Jersey?

Homosexuality is legal in Every US state, including New Jersey.

What is the legal gambling age in New Jersey?

The legal age to enter and remain in a New Jersey Casino is 21

Is dodgeball illegal in new york state?

It is legal as long as you hit only the people that are playing.

What countries play dodgeball?

new zealand, australia, america ... africa. and yeah

What is the legal age to quit high school in new jersey?

17 is the legal age for dropping out of school in New Jersey.

Are switchblades legal in New Jersey?


What is the address for AllState Legal in New Jersey?

The address for AllState Legal in New Jersey is 1 Commerce Dr, Cranford, New Jersey and they sell office supplies from folders to pens and other stationary equipment.

Is mace legal in New Jersey?

Mace spray is legal in NJ.

Was slavery legall in colonial New Jersey?

Slavery was legal in colonial New Jersey. It actually had obtained legal sanctions through various legislations. Slavery started being abolished in the early 1800s in New Jersey.

Is a 22 caliber rifle legal in New Jersey?

Yes, although there may be specific models which are not legal under New Jersey law. If traveling or relocating to New Jersey, inquire with the state Department of Justice about the legality of your firearms. If you already live in New Jersey, any rifle sold at any retail chain should be NJ-legal.

What is the legal age to drive a moped in New Jersey?

you have to be at least 15 to drive a moped in new jersey

What pets are legal in new jersey?


Are expandable batons legal in New Jersey?


If deceased lived in New Jersey but property is in new york where do you probate will?

In the state of the deceased's legal residence, New Jersey.

When will same-sex marriage be legal in New Jersey?

This has already happened. Same-sex marriage became legal in New Jersey on October 21, 2013.

Is it legal to not have grass in my yard in Edison New Jersey?

is it legal to not have grass in my yard in Edison, new jersey? is it legal to kill all the grass and just small rocks in my yard in Edison, New jeresy?

Will New Jersey recognize a same-sex marriage from Belgium?

Yes, effective October 21, 2013. If your marriage was legal in the place it was performed, then it is legal in New Jersey.

Where to find gems in New Jersey?

under ground northwest of New Jersey, or maybe in a mine that is legal to go to.

What is the legal age for a minor to be emancipated in New Jersey?

Sorry, New Jersey does not have an emancipation statute. You have to wait for 18.

Are pepper ball guns legal in New Jersey?


Does the state of New Jersey recognize same-sex marriages legally performed in New Hampshire?

Yes, under New Jersey state law, out-of-state and foreign same-sex marriages that are legal in the place where they performed are valid and legal in New Jersey as well.