Is it leafes or leafs

Updated: 12/9/2022
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it is leaves i like leaves i also like cheese but I'm not weird no I'm just strange but i don't like twigs.

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Q: Is it leafes or leafs
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Why has your new leafes on your ivy turnerd black?

Try taking the ivy plant out of the sun and taking all dead leafs off.

What is the main difference between needle leaf trees and broad leaf trees?

needle leafes are sharp and broud leafs are bigger and rounder

Do seedless nonvascular plants have rhizoids instead of leafes?

no it does not.

How are leafs diffrent?

how are leafs different

What to feed a catterpilla?

leafs lots of leafs

Is door leafs or leaves correct?


Does a coil spring have four leafs?

No. A coil spring has coils, no leafs. A leaf spring has leafs, anywhere from one leaf to many leafs depending on the application.

What aniaml eats leafs?

a girrafe eats leafs

What is young leafs?

Young Leafs is a porn site.

Is hickory leafs simple or compound leafs?


Are the leafs good?

leafs rule..wait we aren't living in 1967 anymore I am so sorry. Leafs suck!

When was Leafs TV created?

Leafs TV was created in 2001.