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Yes because you would have to pick a similar amount of girls and boys or it wouldn't be fair. So it can be harder but it can be easy. I recommend that you choose an all boys or girls team (depend what gender you are)

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Q: Is it harder to get onto a team if it is a girls and boys team?
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What can a girl bring to a boys sports team?

Girls can bring competition to the field playing with boys. The boys will be afraid of the girl "winning the coach over" so they will work harder as well. So girls have the right to be on a boys sports team.

Should girls and boys be on the same team?

Absoloutly. Girls and boys should be treeted as equals, therfor if the team is REP or an AAA team, than girls and boys should be aloud to play on the same team. Girls on my team can beet up any boys team our age. Why Not?

Can girls play on a boys soccer team if there is already a girls team?

Yes, girls can be on a boys soccer team even though there is a girls team already.It really doesn't matter.

Why should boys and girls not be on the same sport team?

Girls shouldn't play on boys sports team because boys are too aggressive and have more power than girls.Also girls might be to dramatic when they get hurt,and boys might be paying more attention to the girls on their team then in the game.

The number of boys on a tennis team is 1 more than twice the number of girls If there are 5 boys on the team how many girls are there?

2 girls are there

Why shouldn't boys and girls be on the same baseball team?

Sexist reasons, boys are thought to be tougher than girls so they get their own team

Should girls be allowed to play on boys' sports teams if no girls' team exists for that sport?

well partly yes because everybody of whatever sex should be aloud to play whatever sport they like but if it is a boys team then only boys should be aloud on it why not create your own girls team or change the existing team to a girls and boys team ? i hope you found my answer useful :)

Was the first basketball team a group of boys or girls?


Why cant girls and boys be on the same gymnastics team?

because boys do other stuff than the girls

Why boys and girls should not play on the same sports team?

Boys and girls shouldn't play on the same team because boys would most likely be more aggressive then the girls, so the girls would get injured. Also because if the boys and girls are teenagers the boys would most likely be more fit and athletic so they would over power the girls and it wouldn't be fair to them.

How many boys are allowed to play in a girls netball team?

boys can't play in girls netball teams unless it is a mix team.

What is a co-ed cheerleading team?

It is when there are boys and girls on the team!!

Is for girls and boys?

Yes but lots of girls hate on the boys. When I first joined Girlsense, the site was only for the females (girls). But a lot of users recommended to the girlsense team to start allowing males, so they girlsense team created faces for boys too.

How Many students are on the track team if there are 14 girls on the track team and one eighth of the team is boys?

Assuming the track team is made up of boys and girls only: if 1/8 is boys, 1 - 1/8 = 7/8 are girls of which there are 14. So 7/8 of team = 14 => team = 14 / (7/8) = 14 x 8/7 = 16. There are 16 students on the track team.

Is there boys softball?

yes there are! you can have mixed teams of girls and boys or you can have a boys team.

Why shoulg boys and girls play sports together?

boys and girls should play sports because they can work as a team

What is the trading spaces boys vs girls?

Trading spaces boys vs. girls is a TV show on discovery kids where a team of 2 girls and 2 boys do each others rooms.

Why are boys not allowed to play on a girls team?

When boys and girls get to be about 13 years old, the boys generally become stronger and faster. As a result, most of the girls would not get much of a chance to play.

Who are the power cheer all-stars?

It is a cheerleading facility that include all boys and girls who are interested to cheer from ages 4-18. You get divided onto a team and compete all across the country.

How many boys 4a basketball team?

Five on a boy's team, and none on a girl's team. To calculate, subtract the number of girls on the team from five. That equals the number of boys on a team.

Can there boys and girls on the same team in soccer?

In cases of Coed teams, teams that boys and girls can both play on, yes. Coed teams are more common in younger kids, as they get older there are less. Sometimes you will see a boys high school team that has some girls on it if the school doesn't have enough interest to field a whole team.

Boys and girls high school basketball team documentary?

A woman among boys

A school debate team has 4 girls and 6 boys. A total of 3 of the team members will be chosen to participate in the district debate. What is the probability that 3 girls and no boys will be selected?


Why should boys and girls play on the same team?

yes if the girls are hot blondes

Can girls play boys lacrosse?

Yes they can if there is not a girl's lacrosse team for that age group. This is like a 3rd grade girl playing on a boys team because the only girls lacrosse team is 5th grade and up. Generally in high school or above girls cannot play- there would play on another high school's girls lacrosse team.