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It's easy because their Lacrosse team isn't very good

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Q: Is it hard to make yellow jackets lacrosse?
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Do yellow jackets make honey?

Yellow jackets are flying insects that do not have the ability to make honey. They are widely considered pest insects.

Do yellow jackets eat through wood?

No, yellow jackets do not eat through wood. They build there nests in the ground. However, Carpenter Bees make holes in certain types of wood.

How do you make a bamboo lacrosse stick?

hard work and dedication

How do you make a soft mesh lacrosse stick hard mesh?

re-string it with hard mesh.

How do you make soft mesh hard mesh on a lacrosse stick?

You cannot make soft mesh into hard mesh. They are two different kinds of mesh that must be purchased separately

Where do yellow jackets live?

Thay are also known as ground wasps. That's where thy live. thy make there nests in holes in the ground.AnswerThey are any of several small wasps of the family Vespidae that have yellow and black markings and usually nest in the ground. The term yellowjacket refers to a number of different species of wasps in the genera Vespula and Dolichovespula (family Vespidae). Yellow Jackets are found throughout North America. Their nests are located in the ground or in rotting logs. The colony will reach maximum size in late summer. Worker yellow-jackets are common around picnic areas where they forage for food. Yellow Jackets are social wasps and live in colonies where they lay their eggs in combs of cells made of paper. Yellow Jackets benefit the woodland environment by killing insects that destroy plants and fruit!

What type of jackets do Castle Jackets make?

The type of jackets that Castle Jackets make is the cotton and silk kinds which is very comfortable and very easy to move in compared to other jackets that use other kinds of fabric.

What did the Indians use to make a lacrosse ball?

The Indians used deerskin to make the lacrosse balls.

What kind of insects eat holes in trees that look like yellow jackets?

Many species of wasp (yellow jacket) make their nests out of wood fibres that they chew and mix with their saliva to make a form of paper. If they find a good source of fibres in a particular tree they could well make a hole in it.

What habitat do wasps live in?

some wasps like say yellow jackets live in the ground and make nests others like carpenter bees will burrow in trees.

What bees or hornets or wasps make nests that look like ant hills?

It sounds like you are saying the nest is in the ground. If so, that strongly implies yellow jackets.

Who are the most popular manufacturers of waterproof jackets?

There are several manufacturers and brands who make waterproof jackets. Many sports providers, such as Nike and Adidas, or Northface make waterproof jackets.

What is a lacrosse ball make of?

Lacrosse balls are made out of solid Indian rubber.

What kind of bees build nests underground?

Yellow Jackets: Yellow jackets are small (half-inch long) wasps marked with yellow. Colonies are initiated by overwintering queens that make paper nests underground, but occasionally in hollow trees, wall voids and attics or on a branch over a stream. A fully developed nest may contain from a few hundred to many thousand adults. Yellow jackets feed on a variety of pest insects, but will also forage for meat or soft drinks at picnic, camp and garbage sites. This habit often brings them into close association with people. Good sanitation in picnic areas can help reduce problems with these pests. Solitary scavenging yellow jackets are usually non-aggressive unless handled, but become very aggressive as a group if they believe their nest is threatened. Yellow jackets will vigorously pursue an intruder who threatens their nest and are generally considered the most dangerous of the social insects. I cant post the picture for you, but yeah these little guys chased me tonight when i was mowing my yard and one got me....little sucker.

How do you control bees?

I found a way to catch yellow jackets quite by accident. I had opened a can of tuna fish to make a salad and poured the water from the can into a bowl for my cat to drink. I put the bowl on the deck and as the cat began drinking the tuna water, yellow jackets started to swarm around the bowl. The cat gave up and left it to the bees. After about 1/2 hour there were at least 15 dead yellow jackets floating in the bowl with more swarming around and going inside the bowl. I'm going to start using this in my pop bottle traps and hang them way back in the back of the yard.

What can you make out of whale?

You make jackets, key boards

What kind of bees make their nest in the ground?

Many Bumble Bees, Genus Bombus, nest in holes in the ground. I've also mowed over a yellow jacket nest once (ouch), so include yellow jackets in the list. Various other wasps nest in the ground.

What color makes red and onrange?

Red- hard to make but closest is::: magenta and yellow.... Orange: Red and yellow! Hope i helped!

How do you make a lacrosse stick pocket deeper?

first insert a lacrosse ball in ur lacrosse stick next put a pen threw ur mesh and just leave it for a while

Which companies make corporate jackets?

Keltic clothing is one UK company which manufactures and supplies corporate jackets for businesses. JKLclothing is another UK company which produce customise jackets.

How do you make jackets on roblox?

you have to be in the builders club

What did kevlar do?

Make bullet-proof jackets.

How much money do Major League Lacrosse players make?

In Major League Lacrosse, players make an average of $13,000 a season, while rookies average around $6,500

Who makes designer women's track jackets?

There are several designers that make track jackets including Puma, Marc Jacob, and Juicy Coutoure. Find these and other designer track jackets at

Who was the founder of lacrosse?

Lacrosse is a native origin game, it was played to train for war,moarn a death, or honor a god. Lacrosse was first seen and documented by a french soldier who called it lacrosse because of them using sticks. The first person to make a club and might as well be the father of lacrosse was Dr. William George Beers.