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YES ! make tons of eye contact and smile. SMILING is very important.

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Q: Is it good to look at the judges in cheerleading tryouts?
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Where do you look for cheerleading tryuots?

Well it depends... if you want to do it for school than there are probably tryouts at your school :) If you want to compete than you should look for a Cheerleading or Gymnastics place near you. They probably have one there! Hope it helped :)

Would gymnastics training help a cheerleading tryout?

Absolutely. In tryouts, the coaches look for gymnastic skills. Besides dance skills.

Is there a cheerleader squad that a 13 year old can be on?

Yes. Look around your city, town, or where ever you happen to live and see if there are tryouts for a team. I was in cheerleading when I was seven years old.

What do coaches look for in tryouts for high school basketball?

Good basketball players, of course.

Why in Last Comic Standing do all comedians with props fail their tryouts?

A personal opinion is that the comedian judges don't respect and look down on prop comics.

Why do cheer-leading dances have to be artistic?

Cheerleading dances have to be artistic because you have to realize that the judges that will be watching the cheerleaders have seen all kinds of teams with a lot of dances that look alike. You want the judges to be wowed by your dance and make it something that they haven't seen before. You want to make it different so the judges will notice you and your team will stand out. Make them look! :)

Where are the tryouts for the Olympics?

Well I'm sorry to say that there are no tryouts for the olimpics! There are certain people like scouts that look for good athlets! so give 100% every practice cause you never know who's whating you!!

Who invented the cheerleading uniforms?

Tiffany Cyrus invented the first cheerleading uniform look in 1923.

What do you bring to cheer tryouts?

comfortable shoes and yourself is all that you should bring to a tryout they look for smiles and how approachable you are also good luck

How can you make it in cheer tryouts?

Smile, look confident, be loud, outgoing, know your stuff, be sharp in motions, dont be scared and have a good time!

What to pack for cheerleader tryouts?

Make sure to have shorts, a sports bra, a tee shirt, any braces or tape that you need, and always have your hair up. Be sure to make yourself LOOK like a cheerleader because the judges will notice you.

How DOES cheerleading LOOK?

Cheerleading looks great..... It takes long of practice, and you need a group of people, so If you want to take cheerleading, i suggest you do it at a popular group, but if you have one in mind go straight ahead

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