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i don't think muscle milk is a very good energy source in my opinion, because it does not give u very much energy for a Basketball game or any endurance activity. what i would would recommend is probably a good energy drink. no monsters, amps, red bulls, or any other kind of energy drink like that. because those are really bad for your health and body. not a good chance if u drink those for energy just to let u know. so probably just go to a local food store and ask one of the people who work there where can i get a energy drink that will give me lots of energy, and say i don't want nothing like monsters, amps, red bulls, none of then stuff that's bad for my health and body. that is my advice on energy drinks. so muscle milk wouldn't be the best thing before a basketball game, but if it works for u. then great. u wouldn't even be looking at this right now if muscle milk worked for u. thats my advice thanks....

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yes and after, because it renergizes you and puts back in the good vitamins and minerals you worked off.

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Q: Is it good to drink chocolate milk before or after a game?
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