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Yes. The shooting team would get the ball.

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Q: Is it considered out of bound by defender if defender blocks a shot and the ball touches rim or backboard and goes out of bound?
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What does a defender in socccer do?

a defender helps out a goalie and blocks shot

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It's when an offensive player blocks and knocks over a defender.

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Screening is where an attacker blocks the path or view of the defender in order to complete an attacking move. ;)

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Offensive pass interference is an illegal act (shoving, tripping) by a pass receiver against a defensive player. Typically it is used to create space between the receiver and the defender. A related penalty can occur on a "pick" play where an offensive player blocks a defender who is covering a pass receiver. If the offensive player contacts the defensive player, it is likely to be called. If the offensive player merely blocks the defender's path, it is unlikely to be called.

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Blocking in basketball is when a defender blocks a shot, meaning that when a shot is put up a person playing defense can hit the ball away from the hoop.

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