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Q: Is it considered child abuse to make your teenage son to do ballet?
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Is child abuse considered a social issue?

Child abuse is a epedemic

Is smacking punching and slapping the face of a child as well as ignoring the child abuse?

The physical striking of a child can be considered abuse. Ignoring a child is neglect, but if the child comes to harm while being ignored that can be considered abuse.

Is spanking a child considered discipline or child abuse?

That depends. If you hit for no reason itwould be abuse. But if the child is bad it is disipline.

What is considered child abuse in the state of California?

In the state of California child abuse is physical injury inflicted on a child that is not accidental. Child abuse in the state of California is also defined as endangering a child.

Is hitting your child in the mouth abuse?

Hitting a child anywhere (except the buttocks in limited cases) is considered abuse.

That kids are allowed to be hit?

if it is diciplenary by the child's parents yes(like spanking), but if it is parental abuse or abuse from any other person it is considered child abuse

Is slapping your kids illegal?

It is considered child abuse, yes.

Would a child seeing abuse between a parent and their partner be considered abuse?

Yes it could.

What are some topics that fall under child abuse?

Some topics that fall under child abuse includes maltreatment, child labor, sexual exploitation. Others includes teenage pregnancy and poor parenting.

Is sexually explict material considered child abuse?

If the children are shown the images by an adult or contain images of children it is considered as abuse.

What would a parent have to do to be considered and abuser?

abuse the child mentally or physically

Is it child abuse when a mother hits their child for doing something wrong?

This may come as a shock, but in general, corporal punishment (being spanked or smacked) is not considered child abuse by itself. If it is excessive or causes an injury it would be child abuse.

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