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Generally speaking, it would be a hit unless the fielder clearly had enough time to throw out the runner and did some other action instead (such as an attempt to tag a base runner, but not throw the ball).

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Q: Is it considered a fielder's choice or a hit when the ball is fielded but no throw is made?
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Is it scored as a fielders choice if the infield attempt to throw the runner at second out is unsuccessful?

Nope. It's a stolen base.

If a runner is on third base with one out and you hit a grounder to second why are you charged with an at-bat if the runner scores?

The fielder made a decision to throw the batter out at first instead of throwing the runner out at home. This is considered a fielders choice.

Is a batter given a hit if he hits a ball to shortstop and shortstop can not throw out hitter but throws out runner at 3rd in a rundown from 2nd base instead of throwing to 1st?

It isn't a hit. It is a fielders choice.

If a ground ball to the infield scores a runner when they throw to first to get the batter is it a sac for the batter?

This depends on the situation. If the fielder threw to get the runner out and the batter reached 1st due to this, then it would be considered a sacrafice by ruling it a Fielders Choice, and no hit or error would be charged. If the batter bunted and had good placement and was able to reach 1st due to a good bunt and beating the throw, then it would be considered a hit

If a base runner is hit by a fielders throw is he out?

No, not unless he's deemed to have intentionally interfered with the ball.

The hitter gets a clear hit to centerfield but the runner waits too long to go to second and is thrown out at second Is it a hit or a fielders choice for the hitter?

For the play you describe, it would be a hit. A fielder's choice is when a fielder chooses to throw to another base instead of 1st base to retire the batter. I doubt the center fielder had a chance to throw out the batter at 1st base.

Can a fielder's choice result without an out taking place?

Yes. A fielder's choice is when a defensive player plays a ground ball and tries to throw out a runner other than the batter. A fielder's choice can be credited when no out is recorded on the play if the official score keeper determines that the batter would have been out if the play went directly to first. In this case it would be a Fielders Choice and the batter would not be credited with a hit.

How would you score a hit into right field with men on first and second if the batter advances to third on the fielders throw to the plate?

___Doubles to right, ____ and ____ scored, _____ advanced to third on throw. It would be a double.

First base in softball what does it do what does it mean?

The first baseman has a lot of responsibilities. They have to catch all the balls that their fielders throw to get runners out. They have to field all the bad throw of their fielders. They have to act as the cutoff player when a ball hit to the outfield comes home. They are responsible for fielding bunts and throwing girls out at first.

What happens when an outfielder runs into the wall and injures himself and can not get up to throw the ball back in?

The play continues and one of the other fielders will have to run over to where the ball is and retrieve it and throw it in to keep the base runners from advancing.

What does fielders choice mean?

The fielder who caught the ball had the option to either get the batter running to first or another runner. Example: With a runner of first the batter hits the ball to the short stop. The short stop choices to throw the ball to second to get the runner out but the batter reaches first base safely.

How do you officially score a fielder's choice?

A fielder's choice is when a fielder has choosen to make an out on another runner on base when he could of gotten the batter/runner out instead. The batter/runner is safe, therefore reaching base via a fielder's choice. Please note that this counts as an at-bat and goes against the batter's batting average.