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Canada is hot in summer since sunlight melts the snow. Snow causes temperature to drop, and Canadians don't like the snow because its not hot. If we remove all of the snow from the Earth, the world would be less cold

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Q: Is it cold or hot in Canada?
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What countries was hot summers and cold winters?


Which months are hot and which are cold in Canada?

Go there and find out :/

Which climates does the us have that Canada do not?

The USA has hot deserts, Canada has cold deserts.

Is the rainforest cold?

No, most rainforests are not cold they can get cool but not really cold like canada. Rainforests are in the tropics where it is mostly hot hot hot, Like Brisbane Queensland Australia.

Is Canada hot or cold?

It really depends on where in Canada you are. If you are up north, it is very cold all the time, but where most Canadians live, in the southern part of Canada near the border between Canada and the United States, it can be rather hot; the temperature can reach over 30 degrees Celsius. It is still cold in the winter though.

Is Tennessee hot or cold?

depens the seasons winter cold snowy summer hot cool.who cares i live in Canada toront

What state in America is real hot in summer and cold in winter?


What is one way Mexico and Canada are different?

Mexico is hot all year... Canada is warm and cold.

How is water in Canada?

Canada isnt all cold, during the summer it could be hot. and also if you cant go more west it can get more hot

How is the weather in Ontario Canada?

It is fairly hot in the summer, and is rather cold in the winter.

Give a description of the regional climates of Canada?

cold hot and sometimes freezing

Why is it so cold in Canada?

It is not Always cold in Canada is has medium hot weather in summer and extreme cold in winter. It is cold because we are so close to the north pole and have the Waters cooling winds from every direction except south.

Does Heat flow from cold to hot or hot to cold?

Hot to cold hot travels towards cold

What kind of climate does southwest Canada have?

It's hot in summer, warm in spring, cold in winter, and warm but mostly cold in fall

Is it hot or cold in Canada?

really,really cold.if you go there at summer,it will feel like fall.

If it is 39 degrees Celsius is it hot or cold?


Is today hot or cold?


Is all of Canada cold?

Not all of Canada is cold all the time. The further south you go, the warmer it is. Most people live near the border between Canada and the US for this reason. Up north, it can be cold for the entire year, but in southern Canada, it is usually only cold during the winter, and the summer can become quite hot.

Does Heat spontaneously flows from hot to cold or cold to hot?

hot to cold

What weather does Canada have in the winter?

the weather in canada in winter time is exzactly half and half it is split down the middle with really cold and hot

What is cold when its hot and hot when its cold?


Is alaska cold or hot?


Is eastren Canada cold?

all of canada is cold

Rockets made in Canada?

Canada is a cold cold cold cold cold cold cold cold cold cold cold cold cold place

What is the differences between hot and cold?

hot is hot, cold is cold Katy perry... lol