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You should check around online. checking local stores will also get you some good deals. There are many places which sell very nice skates for low prices.

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Q: Is it cheaper to buy new hockey skates, or get the old ones repaired?
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What are the smallest sized hockey skates you can buy?

Hockey skates are available in different sizes but the smallest ones generally belong to size 1 (which corresponds to shoe size 2); this size conmes in many brands such as Bauer & Flite Hockey Skates, CCM, Reebok, Nike-Bauer Hockey Skates, Graf Hockey Skates and Mission & Torspo Hockey Skates

What hockey skates do the pros use?

Most players are sponsored and wear the brands they represent. But big name skates in the NHL are the Rbk 9k pump skates. Nike Bauer Ones are popular. and mission is still big in skates

Is it bad if you don't tie behind your ice hockey skates?

It isn't bad at all. People only do that if their laces are too long. Slot of skates come with laces that are way to long but it is very easy and cheap to get new ones

How much is roller skates in dollors?

It depends on if your going to buy good ones decent ones or bad ones.

Where can you find cheap aggressive skates?

You cant. The cheap ones you find wont be real "aggressive" skates. I suggest you get some good ones, like my first ones were razors, look into razors, nimh, remz, and if youre really cheap, roces.

What is the cheapest price for ice skates?

The cheapest price for figure skates (not very good ones) is probably around $15-$30.

What variations of hockey are there?

Ice Hockey, Street Hockey, and Rollerblade hockey. Im sure there might be another but these are the popular ones.

What skates do Henrik Zetterberg wear?

Bauer, not sure which ones, might be the APX

What skates to the pros use?

most of them use the nike Bauer vapor XXXX or the nike Bauer supreme one95 or other types of those skates reebok skates probably the pump ones and some use ccms

Will the new iPod touch make the old ones be cheaper?

When a new iPod touch is released, yes, the price for the older ones tend to get cheaper.

How much do you have to pay to go to skate world?

you have to pay 5.00 dollars for the enterance and the skates it depends if you are getting online skates or the other one the online is 5.00 dollars and the other ones are 3.00

What Celebrities played hockey?

the ones on the ice

How to Locate the Best Prices on Discount Laptops?

There are plenty of discount laptops for sale in the world. Once you have found the ones that would work best for you, you need to find the right price. Some of these cheaper laptops have been refurbished. This means that they were purchased used and then repaired to make them look new.

Are CORR aggressive inline skates good?

yes the new ones are good to like the ata model.

What is the Most dangerous hockey seats?

the ones in my ass

Can you use street hockey pads in rollar hockey?

Yes but it is harder to do. I use street ones its kind of hard but you get used to it.

What is the price of roller skates now?

20.00 to 100.00. If you want super good ones maybe even 150.00!~

Who is competitors of tata docomo?

All cheaper ones.

What music is played at hockey games?

th ones that they play

Who are some famous players of hockey on roller skates?

Some of the top players in inline roller hockey would be: CJ Yoder - CO Brian Yingling - CO Greg Thomson - NY Sean Sullivan - PA Johny Pinheiro - CT Josh Larriccia - AZ Those are just some of the ones I could think of at the moment...

What types of surfaces have little friction between them?

Smooth ones, especially if there's a bit of liquid involved (ice skates).

Were can you get ice skates?

You can buy ice skates probably in a sports store. Or maybe if you live near an ice rink, you could get some in there. There is always eBay as well i just got some really nice brand new ones from eBay.

What are the local sports of India?

Cricket, and Field Hockey are the main ones

Are nerve cells replaced if they get damaged?

nope nerve cells are the only ones tht can't be repaired

What are the differences and simillarities between field hockey and mini hockey?

I will tell you the ones i know of. Mini hockey is only played in a half of a hockey field, or even smaller, and there are 8 that play. Field hockey is played full field (the whole hockey field) and you have 11 players that play (including the goalkeeper). They are both similar in that they both play with hockey sticks and they are still a type of hockey. The same rules apply in both.