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look i had a pair of black proteges for a year or 2 in size 10.5 . right now in 2012 i like wearing a 11. so when i put the protege they feel like they can blow out jordans !! i have a pair of jordans to but i think the protege r more comforable. honestly jordans are almost the same as any bastetball shoes. but depending who u are either buy cheap and get something that is worth more than the price or get something with just cool colors for a hell of a lot more money. they feel almost the same.

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โˆ™ 2012-03-24 22:14:49
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Q: Is it better to buy Protege basketball shoes than Jordan's?
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What are basketball shoes?

They are just called Basketball shoes. If you have a pair of Air Jordans, they are often called "Jordans."

What are basketball shoes called?

They are just called basketball shoes. If you have a pair of Air Jordans, they are often called "Jordans."

What shoes are better Jordans or shaqs?

jordans are better

Which shoes are better supra or Jordans?

supras jordans

What are the most expensive basketball shoes in the world?

The most expensive basketball shoes would have to be jordans.

What shoes are better Adidas or Jordans?

Jordans by far...they look a lot better as sneakers and as dressy shoes as well

When Air Jordans basketball shoes first came out?

The original Air Jordans were released in 1985.

What shoes are better Jordan or Addias?

Jordans in my opinion.

What is better skate shoes or basketball shoes?

AnswerBasketball shoes.AnswerSkate shoes are better.Bull crap. Skate shoes don't do anything except extra grip, which annoy your legs. Basketball shoes look better and work better :PI agree with basketball shoes being better^_^

Are Nike Blazer Highs made for basketball?

Yes, yes they are, but i prefer using jordans or AND1 shoes.

Can I turn your jordans into bowling shoes?

They'd have to be resoled. You'd be better off buying a pair of bowling shoes.

What do people think the new jordans phase 23 shoes?

these jordans are really hot and spacialy made for basketball. Also RAY ALLEN wear these in the season of 2011

Who owns jordans shoes?


Worlds best shoes?


Do you have to wear Jordans while playing basketball?

you dont have to wear jordans to play basketball. Nike shoes are usually more comfortable to wear while running up and down the court. Just make sure they are hightops so you dont hurt you ankles

Is 2 pounds heavy for basketball shoes?

yes, considering the fact that there is Kobe 5s that weight 10.6 oz and if you say no they are low top, they actually have better ankle support then lets say... hyperdunks or jordans.

Which sell more Kobe shoes or Michael Jordans shoes?

Michael Jordan Shoes.

Who invented Jordan shoes?

Who invited jordans

Who made Jordans shoes?

Micheal jordan

What shoes did Michael jorden wear?


Are jordans considered gym shoes?


Which air Jordans are the best to play basketball in?

I prefer the X or the XII. Those are the two Air Jordan shoes most preferred by NBA players.

What does sc stand for in jordans shoes?

Stephen Curry

What brand of shoes does drake wear?

Air Jordans

Which came first Barkleys or Jordans shoes?