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If you move/slide your pivot foot when falling it is a travel.

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Q: Is it a travel when you have the ball and then fall in basketball?
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Can you fall down in basketball with the ball without being called for traveling?

it is not a travel

What is the travel in basketball?

A travel in basketball is when you stop and you move with ball that is a travel. A other example is when you move with the ball without dribbling

What happens when you travel in a basketball game?

When you travel in a basketball game its the other teams ball, they take it from the sideline and pass it to somebody on their team

What is the rule of traveling in basketball?

if you travel in basketball, than it automaticly becomes the other teams ball.

What is one violation that typically occars when you have the ball in basketball?


What will fall faster a basketball or a golf ball?

I say a golf ball, but it depends on how high you throw them.

Is basketball a fall sport?

No i don't think it is it would be to chilly to play basket ball in the fall

How do you get injured in basketball?

you could get hit ,fall ,get elbowed, or have the ball hit you.

What can happen when you foul or travel in basketball?

The ball is given to the other team.

One rule of basketball?

One rule of basketball is that you have to dribble the ball and never travel your feet because then you let the other team get a chance to take the ball.

What ball will fall to the ground faster basketball or soccer ball?

weight doesnt matter, the bigger one, which has the higher resistance will fall a tiny bit slower

What would drop first a tennis ball or basketball?

fall at the same time

What happens when you travel in basketball?

the ball is given to the opposing team to pass in from out of bounds.

What does travel mean when playing basketball?

It means you take the ball and run without dribbling it

Why do you use a ball on basketball?

In basketball you try to throw the ball into the hoop(basket) so that is why you use a ball in basketball.

When was the basketball net first used?

The basketball net was first used in 1906 when people began opening the netting to let the ball fall throught.

When is fastpitch softball played?

Depends. If its travel ball then most of the time its all year. If its middle school ball it is in fall. High school ball is in the spring. Normal little league/senior league is played in the spring/summer. And fall ball is of course is played in the fall.

If gravity did not affect the path of a horizontally thrown ball what would happen to the ball?

travel horizontally

How does gravity apply to basketball?

Gravity applies to basketball when a player shoots or passes the ball because, when the ball is thrown it with start to fall because of gravity. In conclusion if you are shooting far back you would aim higher because the ball would drop.

How do you bounce ball in basketball?

you bounce a ball in basketball by hitting the ball against the ground.

How do you say i start basketball in the fall in french?

Je commence de basket-ball à l'automne .

Can you travel with the basketball on the basketball court?

nope Why not. When you walk with the ball with out dribbling it is considered traveling. The rules of basketball require a player who has the ball to bounce it against the floor all the while they are moving. Bouncing is dribbling.

If a ball is thrown in space and on earth which ball will travel the greatest distance?

Naturally the ball in space will travel the longest distance as long as it does not bump into something along the way. Gravity on earth will cause the ball thrown to fall back to earth.

Can you use a pivot and still bounce the ball in basketball?

No, you cannot. This results in either a travel or a double dribble.

How many steps do you get in basketball after you pick ball up before it's considered travel?

three steps