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Q: Is it a knock-on when it hits a players head in rugby union?
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What is the difference between the rugby league and the rugby union?

Quite a number of differences over time Basically League has 13 players union 15 (the 2 flankers were removd in league) The numbering starts from the fullback as no 1 in league and from loose head head at no 1 in union No rucks and mauls in league but are in union No lineouts in league and are in union Point scoring are different values subs 5 in union 3 in league

What is an infringment in rugby?

In Rugby an infringement is when a players has broken the rules of play. E.g. tackled another player on their head.

Who is usually the strongest prop in rugby union?

Loose head prop

Who is head coach of New Zealand rugby union?

Graham Henry

Can rugby players be classified as valauble assets?

Absolutely. There are rumours in the world of Rugby Union that Mike Phillips of Wales and Ospreys is being head hunted by another European team and could be the first million pound signing

What do rugby players wear for protection?

Gum shield and sometimes a head-gaurd

How many players are there in a forward pack in rugby?

There are 8 players in the pack of forwards in a rugby union team. Here are the numbers and positions:Loose-head PropHookerTight-head PropSecond RowSecond RowBlindside FlankerOpenside Flanker(Known as the positions number; '8')There are 6 players in the pack for RRugby League (they have dropped the flanker position)8 - Prop9 - hooker10 - prop11- Second Row12 - Second Row13 - Back row loose forward

What is a prop in rugby?

A Prop in rugby refers to the loose-head prop + tight-head prop, numbers 1 and 3, they are members of the front row in the scrum and are usually the heaviest players on the team.

Who should be taller the loose head prop or tight head prop in rugby union?

Basically it does not matter greatly as it is the props physical strength that does make a difference. However, players that have studied the "dark arts" of the front row will frequently prefer the taller to be the loosehead

Who was the rugby union manager after clive woodward?

Andy Robinson succeeded Clive Woodward as England's head coach.

What do people ask rugby players?

many things 1. how do they train 2. how long it takes 3. have they always wanted to be a rugby player? surely you can think of stuff of the top of your head...

Do rugby players wear any protective gear?

Most rugby players wear shoulder pads, which protects them when they tackle and for when they are in a scrum or ruck. The players who go in the scrums and rucks wear scrum hats, this prevents them from head injuries, but also prevents cauliflower ears. And nearly all the players wear gum shields to protect their teeth.

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